Sewage Popsicles?

The summer heat often has us reaching for something sweet – whether it be a glass of lemonade, an ice cream cone, or a popsicle. But a group of art students in Taiwan have put together a strange collection of summer treats to raise awareness for a growing problem.

polluted-water-popsicles-1 Collecting sewage water from all over Taiwan, Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti, three students from the National Taiwan University of Arts, turned the sewage water into “popsicles” for a project entitled “Polluted Water Popsicles.”

Visiting dozens of locations across Taiwan, Hung and her team collected samples of water containing all sorts of contaminants, including dirt, bugs, plant material, and even trash. Hung placed the samples in a freezer to produce the “popsicles,” and encased the unusual treats in a polyester resin to preserve the samples.

sewagepops3 At first glance, the popsicles are visually pleasing. Once the viewer moves closer, however, it becomes easy to identify mold, bits of plastic, bottle caps, and even wrappers. The carefully crafted aesthetic of Hung’s work conceals the destruction caused by pollution.

Hung’s team also designed wrappers for each popsicle, concocting a “flavor” named after the source where the sample (and waste) was collected.

pollution-popsicles-5-889x675 Hung said she hopes Polluted Water Popsicles will help raise awareness about water pollution, which is a large problem in Taiwan. Hung added that the popsicle motif was chosen because they are translucent, and because popsicles are associated with something sweet, not something as unsavory as pollution.

According to an article in mymodernmet, “each popsicle reveals the impressive contamination of the water through their wasteful flavors complete with plastic, metal, arsenic, mercury, and other harmful materials. The project generates a polarity between how good they look, how awful they may taste, and how damaging they are.”

All in all, Hung’s team made 100 popsicles. They recently put Polluted Water Popsicles on display at an art exhibition in Taipei, the capitol of Taiwan.

Instagram fame through mixing paint

While combing through Instagram, it has become increasingly commonplace to find videos of artists mixing paint; there is even a category of videos called “oddly satisfying.” Few artists have become as well known for their paint-mixing affinity as Annette Labedzki, a painter from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Labedzki’s 622,000 followers on Instagram are treated to new videos daily – whether it be paint mixing, or her colorful, sometimes surreal final products.

Her work is somewhat reminiscent of neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat; like Basquiat, the figures Labedzki presents are sometimes haunting.

Labedzki graduated from Emily Carr University in the 90’s, and has been painting ever since. With the advent of social media in the early 2000’s, she decided to start sharing pictures of her work.

Although Labedzki’s profile merely began as a digital gallery of her work, her social media fame began after she started posted videos of paint mixing.

Although the videos themselves seem simple, the work is no abstract process. Once the paint is mixed, there are never any dull or “ugly” colors – every vibrant combination is the result of years of practice.

One video, which begins as seemingly erratic globs of blue, yellow, green, and silver paint quickly becomes a sea of beautiful teal.

Aside from the sight of mixing paint, Labedzki has started experimenting with sound as well. After some of her Instagram fans began commenting about the “soothing noise” the tools made as they mixed the paint, Labedzki started using an array of accoutrements.

Paint mixing is no fool’s game, however – some of Labedzki’s work has an asking price of $2,000 on her eBay store.

Add these 10 travel home decor items to travel the globe without leaving your living room

For many of us, traveling the globe to see the world firsthand is a life goal; but with work, kids, family, bank accounts and all the other daily obligations, it feels more like a daydream than an action plan. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but don’t have the funds or the time to make it happen, try decorating your home with these travel-themed accessories. You may not feel the heat of the Tuscan sun, but you will stay inspired to keep saving for that trip to Santorini.

Scratch globe: The only thing better than a scratch off lottery ticket is a scratch off globe. This fun accessory is a great way to explore the world with your kids as they learn about geography and different cultures with each scratch.



Vintage suitcase shelves: Packing is the worst. No one enjoys trying to cram all their necessary belongings into a suitcase only to have to unpack it all a few days later, wrinkled, dirty and a mess. With these cute vintage suitcase wall shelves, you get all the style and none of the hassle.



Tripod compass table: Always know exactly where you’re headed with this compass-clock side table. The working clock will keep you on time and the sophisticated look will keep your living room chic.



Airplane paperweight: Airplanes are heavy, no matter if they’re hulking masses flying through the sky or silver paperweights holding down your stuff. This airplane paperweight will indulge your high flying travel dreams while keeping your most important documents grounded and secure.



USA travel map pinboard: Keep track of exactly where you’ve been in seriously cool style with this USA map pinboard. Tick off your latest adventures with colorful pins which play off the black and white motif perfectly.



Travel poster: Truer words have never been written, in our opinion. Keep your wanderlust alive at work with this minimalist mantra hanging on your wall. Plus, the simple, modern design will fit anyone’s home decor style.



Destinations board art print: Want to feel like you’re in a airport without all the hassle and headache? Hang this cool destinations art print in your living room for a stylish reminder of your favorite travel destinations.



Travel-themed growth chart: Keep up with your kid’s growth and nurture their burgeoning love of adventure with this super cute travel themed growth chart.



World map pillowcase with washable markers: You’ll definitely win the award for coolest parent with these color-able pillowcases. Your little ones will learn about the world while indulging in their creative side— and the best part? They’re totally washable so they can color over and over again.


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