10 of the coolest urban furniture designs we all need in our town

Some objects bridge the divide between furniture and art. Not only are they functional, they add beauty or humor to the space and challenge us to think about the world and people around us with a whole new perspective. Here are 10 of the coolest pieces of furniture that do just that.

1. Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall

clip_image002This surreal wooden bench seems to come completely undone and organically starts crawling up the wall behind it. Made of Portuguese chestnut and iron, the bench brings whimsical fantasy to a simple seat.

2. The blue hammocks of the Chartered Institute of Housing


Take a break from your day and relax in one of these blue hammocks strung into a gap in the promenade at the Chartered Institute of Housing in Poland. The inviting nets give visitors a perfectly serene view of neighboring Paprocany Lake.

3. BART Subway swing by Hunter Franks

clip_image006On August 23rd, artist Hunter Franks named himself artist in residence for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and started adding clever and delightful artwork around the Bay Area’s stations and trains. He even added a swing on the train, citing “the unemotional and often negative experience that is riding the subway” as his inspiration for the work. Now commuters can add some joy to their morning commute.

4. FUSILLO by Marco Goffi

clip_image008This is how a public bench can promotes both private space and interaction with other people. Its wavy design puts you in view of the person on the other side of the bench and allows for the possibility of conversation without being obtrusive.

The designer, Marco Goffi said of the work, “With everyone comfortably seated in his or her own ‘space’, there is interaction, encouragement of relationships: this is Fusillo’s intention, created by Marco Golf’s pencil around a section design. A three-pointed star, which with its simultaneous rotation and transferral movement generates the form, and the underlying support structure materializes. The ‘skin’ of a living species in perpetual movement, an organic and functional sign, an interpretation of the multiple seating which offers the possibility of becoming infinite by adding more Fusilli-Modules.”

5. Loop Bench by Jeppe Hein

clip_image010It might look like a track for a roller coaster but this funky looping structure is actually a bench. You can choose whether you want to sit on it or walk along the circling pathway. The unique Loop Bench was designed by Jeppe Hein and was constructed in 2009 at Art Basel Miami.

6. Reef Benches by Remy & Veenhuizen

clip_image011These dizzying zigzagging benches are housed at a high school in Zoetermeer, Netherlands and are meant to give students an aesthetic break from the starker, more modern high school building. Students can use the space to relax and take a break from the urban setting.

7. Skystation by Peter Newman

clip_image012At Skystation, people join together to gaze up at the sun or the stars while seated on a silver disc resembling a UFO. The object can be sited in London and was designed by artist Peter Newman.

8. CHITCHAT by Teun Fleskens

clip_image013The purpose of CHITCHAT is clear. Strangers sitting on the bench must coordinate with each other in order to balance out the rocking structure. It forces conversation and chitchat. Dutch designer Teun Fleskens created it with equal amounts of humor and aesthetic appeal in mind. The designer says of the work, “The ice is broken, the atmosphere has improved, and waiting has quickly become much less boring. The ‘rocking trees’ in the centre ensure a playful effect, especially when there are several CHITCHATS in a single space.”

9. Spiro Spiral by Zoran Sunjic


clip_image016This spiraling, modernist bench looks like a twirling white ribbon. Designed by Zoran Sunjic, the Spiro Spiral aims to provide luxurious urban seating that stands out from its environment.

10. Sliding Bench by Mutlu Kilincer

clip_image017Sometimes you just want your own space on a bench. Well, the sliding bench by Mutlu Kilincer addresses that need by giving people the abilty to slide individual seats from side to side. So you can pick who to get closer to and who to give some privacy.