28 Children’s Costumes That Put Every Costume You’ve Ever Worn to Shame

It’s only a week away and you’re going to need plenty of time to plan trick-or-treating routes, so hopefully you’re wrapping up your children’s costumes.

Whether you go scary, funny, or cute — just make sure you make it creative. If you’re struggling for ideas, we can help. Take a look at these 28 great kid’s costumes below, and perhaps you’ll get some inspiration.

Among the best are a baby Edward Scissorhands (love the classics) and two young Harry Potters, 1 complete with Fluffy! Enjoy, and pass this page along to a friend and let them know which numbers are your favorites.

#1 Van Gogh and “Starry Night”

Van Gogh and Image Credit: inhabitots

#2 Frodo, Lord of the Rings

Frodo, Lord of the Rings

Image Credit: imgur

#3 Waldo


#4 Severed Head in a Fridge

Severed Head in a FridgeImage Credit: Tracy Bosworth

#5 Granny

GrannyImage Credit: Angie

#6 Alex, A Clockwork Orange

Alex, A Clockwork OrangeImage Credit: imgur

#7 Angel Statue

Angel StatueImage Credit: clodaghrt

#8 Giant Penny

Giant PennyImage Credit: imgur

#9 Octopus

OctopusImage Credit: Romany Arend

#10 Carl from Up!

Carl from Up!Image Credit: Auburn Soul

#11 Baby Harry Potter

Baby Harry PotterImage Credit: Leah

#12 Frida Kahlo

Frida KahloImage Credit: Oh Happy Day

#13 Leia and Chewie

Leia and ChewieImage Credit: Brandon

#14 Chucky

ChuckyImage Credit: Yadira

#15 Starbucks Coffee and Barista

Starbucks Coffee and BaristaImage Credit: Kourtney Maciel Avila

#16 Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy

Groot from Guardians Of The GalaxyImage Credit: nerdsdib

#17 Harry Potter and Fluffy

Harry Potter and FluffyImage Credit: collegehumor

#18 Björk

BjörkImage Credit: Lien Nguyen

#19 Skeleton Escaping Grave

Skeleton Escaping GraveImage Credit: Margaret & Parker

#20 Toy Soldier Army Man

Toy Soldier Army ManImage Credit: wildlinkpress

#21 Edward Scissorhands

Edward ScissorhandsImage Credit: instructables

#22 Young Dwight Schrute

Young Dwight SchruteImage Credit: Pete Stott

#23 Aliens Power Loader Baby

Aliens Power Loader BabyImage Credit: imgur

#24 Zombie

ZombieImage Credit: Rick Pawl

#25 E.T.

E.T.Image Credit: rookiemoms

#26 Ace Ventura

Ace VenturaImage Credit: costume-works

#27 Baby Einstein

Baby EinsteinImage Credit: Katie McCoy

#28 Head on a Platter

Head on a PlatterImage Credit: Jennifer McQuay-Campbell

h/t demilked


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