3D Paintings – To Slow Down Drivers?

As long as automobiles have been around, drivers have been speeding. In India, reckless driving is especially common – India has the largest number of traffic accidents and road-related deaths in the world. Although speed bumps and signs have been used in the past, India’s Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari hopes that 3D paintings may lead to fewer deaths.maxresdefaultGadkari proposed the use of these paintings, some of which look like pedestrians from a far, to influence drivers’ reckless habits. Although it becomes apparent to drivers that they are merely paintings, Gadkari hopes that drivers wonder “what if that painting was a person?” On Twitter, he reiterated his support of the paintings. “We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers,” he said.inside_1460266735

Not everyone shares Gadkari’s enthusiasm, however. Some of the paintings have caused drivers to swerve out of the way, causing accidents – but a solution is needed. Earlier this year, India decided to remove all speed breakers from the highways in India, saying they posed a threat to high-speed drivers. But with these barricades out of the way, Gadkari and other concerned Indians are scratching their heads – can 3D paintings save India from a car-related catastrophe? 33CB972400000578-3571624-image-a-3_1462293422616


4741_3D Paintings on road