Eerie Images of Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. Don’t Read This Before Bed!

The damage caused by Hurricane Katrina is not exactly a secret. It was one of the most devastating storms of our life times, causing incredible levels of damage and costing far too many lives. Many of the unique buildings and landmarks that made up New Orleans’ unique identity were washed away forever by the storm never to return. Other objects remain, but are a mere shadow of their former self. The Six Flags New Orleans amusement park is one such site. Closed just shortly before the hurricane struck, it would never be reopened. Many years of court balls would ensue, with its parent company successfully terminating its lease in 2009. Today, it sits abandoned. The park, now owned by the city of New Orleans, is a grim reminder of the devastation that has left an indelible mark upon the city.

Source: wikipedia

abandoned six flags in new orleansImage Credit: lostlosangeles

six flags new orleans

Image Credit: Keo 101

welcome to zombie landImage Credit: Christopher Dame

six flags new orleans rusting awayImage Credit: FLLETCHER

abandoned roller coasterImage Credit: FLLETCHER

v for vendetta new orleansImage Credit: Mischelle Dawn Williams

rollercoaster new orleansImage Credit: Mischelle Dawn Williams

abandoned souvenir shopImage Credit: lostlosangeles

new orleans six flags ruinsImage Credit: Ron Fuchs

no more rides hereImage Credit: Richard Thompson III

abandoned black and whiteImage Credit: Keo 101

six flags flooded by katrinaImage Credit: Bob McMillan

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