Abstracted landscape paintings by Sarah Winkler

Sarah Winkler’s paintings take inspiration from the processes of erosion and formation that occur in the natural world around us. She starts each work depicting rumbling mountains and distant horizons but then adds layers of paint and texture to abstract the scene into shapes and lines of vibrant color. In each piece, she explores the themes of creation and destruction by not only adding layers to the works but also subtracting material using solvents, and carving and sanding tools. Each finished work is an homage to the kinetic forces that both form and erode from mountain ranges.Sarah-Winkler-6“The work lies at the boundaries of abstraction and realism, modernism and minimalism,” Winkler says. “The paintings are often described as “Dreamy” as they evoke sensations of fantasy or partial reality. I intended the imagery to be at once familiar, but to carry an air of play and human curiosity about the natural world as if you’re discovering a place for the first time.” [h/t inagblog.com]Sarah-Winkler-1

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