Alison Brooks’ Smile is an elegant, playful testament to the power of material

At the intersection of art and architecture, form and function, sits Alison Brooks’ Smile. The interactive installation is a landmark feature of this year’s London Design Festival and is the result of an innovative collaboration between Brooks’ firm and the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC).alison-brooks-architects-the-smile-london-design-festival-designboom03-818x549The curved, tubular structure measures 112 feet long and is comprised of just 12 cross lamented tulipwood (CLT) panels and 6,000 screws— the first and only of its kind. The cantilevered beam showcases the incredibly ingenuity that CLT can provide engineers and architects; it’s thin, pliable and strong that allows for a simple, elegant design. Visitors are encouraged to climb inside the modern-day Noah’s ark, where they can catch the immediate surroundings from a unique perspective on either side of the Smile. [h/t]alison-brooks-architects-the-smile-london-design-festival-designboom02-818x549

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