An abandoned highway in Seoul will be transformed into a skygarden

Design company MVRDV has been chosen to take an abandoned section of highway in Seoul, Korea and transform it into an elevated public park. The Seoul Skygarden will house 254 different species of trees, shrubs, and flowers in an urban arboretum open to the public.

“The seoul skywalk will change the daily lives of many people in seoul for the better,” says Winy Maas, principal architect and co-founder of MVRDV. “They will have a pleasant shortcut through a green oasis in the midst of all the traffic and concrete.”

The existing highway was built in the 1970s to connect the local Namdaemun market, one of the county’s largest traditional points of trade, with the rest of the city. After failing safety inspections in 2006, the highway was condemned for demolition. But further discussion gave way to the idea of turning it into a pedestrian walkway.

The new structure will help residents reduce a 25 minute walk around the neighboring railway station to just 11 minutes. And it’s forecast to generate 1.83 times the cost of its renovation and maintenance in economic benefits. the seoul skygarden populates the overpass with 250 species of trees, shrubs and flowers to create an urban arboretum that can be enjoyed the entire city. [h/t]