12 Animals Photoshopped as Bizarre Fruits and Vegetables

You are never going to look at a lemon the same way again thanks to artist Sarah DeRemer, who’s created a bizarre series of animals photoshopped with fruit and vegetables she calls ‘Animal Food.’

Each animal hybrid in Sarah’s project has been sliced apart revealing to us their surprising insides. Among the many odd concoctions she’s dreamed up are a half-watermelon half-penguin she calls a Penguimelon, a half-frog half-avocado known as a Frovacado, and, well… I won’t ruin the rest for you.

Take a look below, and if you’re in the mood for more bizarre creations like these you might want to check out r/HybridAnimals. Or seek help.

#1 Penguimelon

hybrid animal Penguimelon

#2 Orange Chicken

Animal Food: Orange Chicken

#3 Hippotato

Sarah DeRemer: Hippotato

#4 Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

#5 Frovacado


#6 Mandrill Orange

Mandrill Orange

#7 Kiwi


#8 Limon


#9 Carrox


#10 Eggplird


#11 Cardinato


#12 Banake


h/t Mashable, images by Sarah DeRemer


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