Baby Elephant Falls on Its Back… Watch Who Comes to the Rescue

Everyone’s surely heard about the remarkable memory of elephants. Well, there’s a certain baby elephant at a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland which is going to have some favors to pay back when it gets old.

It seems that after falling on its back into a ditch, this young elephant was unable to get back up on its own. Within moments the adults in the enclosure rush too its aid as the excited crowd watches. The older elephants are audibly concerned, but are able to quickly right the little one, who soon appears on camera again healthy and happy.

Since being posted on August 1st, the video has reached over 2.5 million views. Let’s just hope the new-found fame doesn’t go to this young elephant’s head.

baby elephant falls on its back

elephant falls over

Zurich zoo elephant

elephant helped up

baby elephant video

cute elephant video

h/t Lost at E Minor

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