Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton Illuminates to Amazing Effect

John Poppleton’s latest, Black Light Bodyscapes, brings to us these amazing pictures of models painted with fluorescent bodypaints, then given incredible vibrant color through the use of black light. The illuminating effect provides a surreal, fantastical vision of beautiful worlds that are full of life and depth. John blended these landscapes with incredible skill, blurring the line between the model and the fantasy world. With each picture depicting a scene displaying mother nature in all its rawness, the use of bodypaint seems to be the perfect choice. To view more from John, visit his website or 500px page, where prints are available for purchase.

Source: John Poppleton via Distractify

Sandra’s Mountain Lake

Sandra's Mountain Lake

Mountain Milky Way

Mountain Milky Way

Sandra’s Desert Storm

Sandra's Desert Storm

Liz’s Northern Lights

Liz's Northern Lights

Rebecca’s Mountain Lake

Rebecca's Mountain Lake

Sandra’s Waterfall

Sandra's Waterfall

Kylee’s Tropical Sunset

Kylee's Tropical Sunset

Sandra’s Tropical Paradise

Sandra's Tropical Paradise

Sandra’s Fiery Worlds

Sandra's Fiery Worlds

Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm

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