‘Cicret’ Bracelet Turns Your Wrist into a Touchscreen

A Paris-based design firm has released their “Cicret” bracelet concept, which remotely projects images from your smartphone onto your wrist. Users may interact in the same ways they would with their phone — playing games, checking email, and making or receiving calls. Turn it on or off with just a quick flick of the wrist.

You’re surely asking “why not just use your actual phone?” The device makers believe its niche lies in areas of new interface, such as underwater or by simply allowing you to answer your phone or play a game from across the room.

To make the Cicret touchscreen bracelet a reality, the developers have turned to crowdfunding. If you’re interested in contributing, visit their funding page on the Cicret website. Learn more in the video below.

wrist touchscreen

bracelet touchscreen

cicret bracelet

wearable touchscreen

touchscreen bracelet

touchscreen wrist

via Cicret, Design Boom


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