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The world’s most well-known cities get an atmospheric upgrade in these fog-covered photos

Taking in a city’s skyline is always a breathtaking sight. These conglomerations of buildings are sprawling testaments to the incredible talent and determination of man physical trophies of our own progress. Even still, Mother Nature knows just how to out-do and amplify our efforts by simply throwing some fog over these skylines. The world’s most major cities — Dubai, London, Capetown, Shanghai, New York — have all been made even more mysterious, beguiling and gorgeous with a morning of fog. Thankfully, some quick thinking and talented photographers captured these fleeting moments so we can revel in their atmospheric beauty. 3BAF21B900000578-4071098-Head_above_the_clouds_Mr_Erturk_hiked_to_a_viewing_point_at_4am_-a-12_1482947876965 Bergamo City in Italy looks as if it’s been set on fire, the fog intensifying and obscuring the city’s evening lights while the Chicago skyline calls to mind a futuristic city buried by some unnamed weather disturbance. Whether it’s early morning, twilight or somewhere in between, these foggy scenes are captivating, haunting and otherworldly in their beauty. h/t: 3BAF32BD00000578-4071098-Windy_City_Fog_blankets_Chicago_s_tallest_buildings_after_rollin-a-13_1482947877020 3BAF21C000000578-4071098-City_in_the_sky_The_skyline_of_San_Francisco_blanketed_in_fog_th-a-9_1482947876915 3BAF32B900000578-4071098-Mysterious_scene_Photographer_John_Harrison_captured_these_breat-a-11_1482947876965 3BAF077000000578-4071098-Blanketed_Only_the_antenna_spire_of_the_Oriental_Pearl_Tower_whi-a-10_1482947876955 3BB2211B00000578-4071098-image-a-4_1483003454681 32C1D0C900000578-0-image-a-36_1459597172276

Super modern global city Hong Kong focuses on ancient feng shui practices for its architecture design

You’ve heard of doggie doors but what about dragon gates? In Hong Kong, it’s not uncommon to see structural holes cut through the middle of its towering skyscrapers to allow “the dragons” a clear path from their homes high on the hills down to the water every day. While the reason may defy the logical, it definitely embraces the mythical— a small component of the larger feng shui phenomenon.1yhjmf Indeed, Hong Kong architects, planners, contractors and designers factor feng shui practices and guidelines into each building they construct and room they furnish. To fail to do so means recklessly tempting fate and bringing bad fortune to your efforts.2hklog Feng shui dates back to around 4000 BC when the Yangshao and Hongshan cultures used astronomy to determine connections between humans and the universe. These astral correlations show up in many tombs and unearthed buildings from the era, proving that those ancient societies used the their cosmic findings for architectural purposes. 3gjpubejk Literally translated as “wind-water,” feng shui is a means for humans to harness the energy of the earth in a positive way. Most commonly in an urban setting, feng shui is used to orient buildings in an “energetically proper” way to its natural surroundings, whether those be hills, mountains, rivers, oceans or even the stars. captureynjtgmk Flow is another major component of feng shui (thus the dragon gates), along with the shape of the building itself, how the furniture is arranged within the building and even the positions of the entrances and exits of the building. These details are thought to directly reflect the prosperity and luck of the inhabitants and creators of the building and many architects have feng shui consultants on staff to ensure proper etiquette. 5adgbj For example, Foster and Partners built the the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building with best feng shui practices in mind when they constructed the tower. However, the nearby Bank of China tower built by I.M. Pei is considered a blight on the Hong Kong skyline by locals, due to its sharp points and angular shape (thought to “cut” the good fortune of nearby buildings).6axwdl Because of this, many floors of the Bank of China tower remain vacant and is blamed for nearby companies going out of business. And with so much bad energy so close to the HKSB building, the designers erected cranes, aimed directly at the I.M. Pei building, on its roof to deflect the negative vibes. 7huos While the theory of feng shui has never been proven effective by science in any way, the superstition persists as strongly as ever in the modern metropolis of Hong Kong. If nothing else, it seems that the ancient practice creates beautiful buildings and aesthetically pleasant interiors! Sources: Wikipedia, 99 Percent Invisible8scmmv

Dallas’ latest Nature District will turn an undeveloped flood plain into a vibrant riverfront park

Access to green space is imperative to a city resident’s survival; one only needs to venture to some corner of Central Park any day of the week to see the city’s inhabitants recharging amidst the grass, trees and ponds. That’s why Dallas’ latest project, turning the currently underdeveloped Trinity River Corridor into a full-fledged Nature District, is so important and monumental for the surrounding area’s inhabitants. dallas-trinity-river-park-6 The park, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, is set to be 10 times larger than Central Park, clocking in at over 10,000 acres of green space. The Trinity River cuts through the major metropolis though it’s currently isolated from the city; this plan aims to change that by transforming the surrounding flood plain into a vibrant, family-friendly and activity-filled nature park. Playgrounds, walking trails, bike paths and other public spaces are all set to open by October 2017, though a golf course, horse park and Audubon Center are already accessible. Plus, the build out will help protect the river from flooding— an extra environmental bonus. [] dallas-trinity-river-park-5 dallas-trinity-river-park-4 dallas-trinity-river-park-3 dallas-trinity-river-park-2 dallas-trinity-river-park-1

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