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Billion Dollar House in India “Antilia” Can Make It Snow — Indoors!

The emergence of countries such as China and India in the recent decades has led to significant changes in these countries. There are massive income gaps and both the obscenely wealthy and horribly impoverished are common. While some in India have become billionaires, many more struggle to survive. The country is site some of the worst slums in all of Asia, with 42% of the entire world’s underweight children under five years old living there. Amidst all this, are many billionaires — and even a billion dollar house.

Mukesh Ambani is one such billionaire. He is the fifth richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $43 billion dollars, making him India’s wealthiest full time resident (the world’s fourth richest man is also Indian but resides in the United Kingdom). Mukesh made his wealth as head of the Mumbai based petrochemical company Reliance Industries which was founded by his father in 1966. He has built the most expensive, and perhaps most ostentatious personal residence on the globe today, calling it Antilia.

27 story billion dollar home in India "Antilia"

27 story billion dollar home in India “Antilia”

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

Antilia rises 27 stories, though it is the equivalent of a 40 story building due to many levels being double height. It replaces his family’s previous residence, which was a mere 22 story residence. Mukesh, his wife and their three children had shared the tower with his wife and mother.

The cost of Antilia is massive. Rises in the surrounding land value sent the originally estimated $700 million cost into the billions. The approximately 550 feet tower contains over 400,000 square feet of living space where each story’s cost was made higher due to the fact that no two floors are to look the same. Not even the same materials are to be used on more than one floor. They took great lengths to ensure that as much as possible of this expenditure stayed within the country. Less than 15% of materials were sourced from the United States, with the remaining 85% largely coming from around India.

The massive high rise has everything one could want and is perfect for entertaining. The six story garage has room for 168 cars, and should a guest wish to arrive by air there are three separate helipads on which to land. Obviously, the family has its sights on hosting many large, elaborate parties for the friends and business associates.

There are 9 separate elevators

There are 9 separate elevators

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

With room for so many guests, of course no expense was spared for the family’s personal ballroom. The massive space for entertaining features dual staircases adorned with silver and numerous sparkling chandeliers light up the room. The vast array of LCD screens and high-end speakers are sure to keep the party going strong. There is also an indoor/outdoor bar for use during the cocktail hour. And with so many wealthy powerful partygoers in attendance security personnel and attendants will be numerous, so the Ambanis have set aside a special room adjacent to the ballroom for their relaxation while their employers socialize. As the party begins to die down, those remaining may cap the night off with a nice film in the family’s personal 50 seat theatre.

The lavish ballroom is adorned in silver

The lavish ballroom is adorned in silver

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

The billion dollar home's theatre seats 50

The billion dollar home’s theatre seats 50

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

The little details are prevalent everywhere. Everything has been arranged throughout using the Indian art of Vaastu which is similar to Feng Shui. There is an entire floor devoted to health, with an outdoor patio, swimming pool and yoga studio. Should the day prove too hot for the family’s guests, there is an ice room in which they can cool off under refreshing man-made snow flakes. Even the tower’s sinks have their own unique Indian touch. They are made in the shape of the native gingko leaf.

The large and incredibly expensive personal residence has of course been a source of controversy for the family. Should the pressure get to be too much, they can simply excuse themselves from the large number of staff who keep their home running and retire to their massive open-air atrium and look out for miles and miles to come at the city beneath them.

Source: Forbes, Business Insider, Antilia Wiki

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See Where Big Fat Goalie and Chanandler Bong Laid Their Heads

Only on television could a waitress, a chef, a mostly out of work actor, and a — whatever it was Chandler did — could afford large, beautiful apartments in the heart of one of the world’s most expensive cities The Big Apple. For most of the series, Chandler and Joey lived in apartment 19 across from their pals Rachel and Monica, where they regularly met along with Phoebe and Ross.

tv-friendsImage Credit: Design Milk

The gang’s apartments (the girls were in number 20) were site of many of the show’s fans favorite moments. Who can forget the chick and the duck, the epic foosball matches, or the game taking the world by storm Fireball? But the boys’ apartment has its drawbacks. There was the singing neighbor (though Joey loved him, at least), the much too thin walls which left little to the imagination, Ross overstaying his welcome, and let us not forget Joey managing to lose all their things because he had to prove to a total stranger that their entertainment center was large enough to fit a person.

The main meeting area for the group outside of the coffee shop saw plenty of memorable moments as well of course. There was the closet of mystery, the downstairs cranky neighbor that the gang came to learn wasn’t quite so different, a seeming eternity spent hiding while Ross and Rachel had yet another fight, or last but not least the famed apartment switch contest. In case you’ve forgotten, Monica’s nickname when she was a field hockey goalie was none other than the ever so clever “Big Fat Goalie.” Oh, and ‘could I be wearing any more clothes?’

Others in the group, and occasionally outsiders, would fine themselves as residents from time to time in apartments 19 and 20, but to Friends fans everywhere they’ll always belong to Chandler and Joey, Monica and Rachel.

Where we found out Monica has 11 towel categories

Where we found out Monica has 11 towel categories

Image Credit: Just Me With

You don't go commando in another man's fatigues!

“You don’t go commando in another man’s fatigues!”

Image Credit: Georgia White

Great for napping

Great for napping

Image Credit: Always Friends

tv-friends-4Image Credit: Fan Pop

40 Amazing Pictures of Incredible Home Secret Passages

Creative Home Engineering is the company we all wanted to run when we were six years old. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s the company we all want to run now. The company is the leading manufacturer in the hidden passage industry (I didn’t know this was an industry, but I like it) for home owners looking for a secret room for valuables, to serve as a panic room or just simply a really cool conversion piece at a party.

Their vault doors are made of stainless steel and are secured with 10 one inch diameter pins. They can be setup to interface with a homeowner’s existing security system and can be equipped with surveillance monitors so those who are forced to retreat within will know when they can safely exit. And if that’s not security enough, CHE can use biometric scan technology so only select people are able to open the door.

secretpassage-01-1Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-01-2Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-02Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-03Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-04Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-05Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-06Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-07Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-08Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-09-1Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-09-2Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-10-1Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-10-2Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-11Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-12Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-13Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-14Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-15Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-16Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-17Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-18Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-19Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-20Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-21Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-22Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-23Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-24Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-25Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-26Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-27Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-28Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-29Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-30Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-31Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-32Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-33Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-34Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-35Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-36Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-37Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-38Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-39Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

secretpassage-40Image Credit: Creative Home Engineering

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