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Lin JIngjing’s ephemeral and delicate art projects

The world around us has turned into a multilayered structure with constantly expanding realities. Thanks to the technological revolution, we are surrounded constantly by the flow of information. So where does silence fit in to such a world? What do we do when some piece of information is not available? How do our memories work when the requirement to remember is a mere flash drive? These questions along with many more are raised in the work of Lin Jingjing. This contemporary Chinese artist works with a mixed media and performances, touching upon quite fugitive topics. Her main point of interest is the paradoxical nature of a human life; she tries to explore various phenomena and go deep into the human soul. 1tgdfj   

2gdsv In her photo project Rose Rose, she presents the images of rose buds with stitched petals. Such a fragile symbol of beauty and life, brutally infused with an abrasive element. But if you think about it, at the exact moment of blossoming, the flower does being to decay. So these stitches also prevent the rose from dying in a way. Most amazing is the affect Lin Jingjing’s work has on the viewer. Once the artist noticed a crying woman standing in front of the photos. She said that the roses reminded her of the way she was treating her daughter – strict, demanding, tyrannical even, all as a attempt to provide a better future for her… just like these tender, yet damaged flowers with a stitches which are also painful but helpful. 3scuy Another multilayered Lin Jingjing’s project is all about memory. It is a kind of exposition on human memory, collective and private. With the emergence of photography people gained the perfect proof of their existence. But, unfortunately, as the time and generations go by, all that is left is just a formal knowledge of the nominal relations. In the project called Private Memory, Lin jingjing uses her personal photo archive and setts the pictures in a traditional Chinese pharmacy. 4ghjnh 5jhto The disturbing detail is the fact that she cut out the faces on each photo; there is no remedy from the loss and memory fading, it is just the way life goes.

In her other project CCTV News she used imagery from the public group events and a variety of political photos, all stitched along with the Coca-Cola branding.6dvgd 7sskoph In China there is a very special understanding of the communication between an individual and a collective, especially taking into account the communist past. Each photo has a distinct feature – there is always some kind of a leading figure and that’s precisely whom Lin Jingjing decided to cut out. The nature of media, as well as a collective memory is a tricky one. Leaders come and go, relationships towards the past change. There is a silent emptiness in these images, when people are left only with themselves.

Lin Jingjing methods are very delicate; they do not exude the artist’s ego or any real kind of a strong opinion. Her art works give a vast field for reflection by just setting the tone of the discussion. Her oeuvre is a unique one in terms of interpretation; it is relatable and personal to anyone anywhere. That’s why she plans to hold a series of performances around the glove and we are anxiously waiting for that.

These paper bird sculptures from Diana Beltran Herrera will make your heart sing

Its not often that humans depictions of nature are better than the real thing but with Diana Beltran Herreras paper bird stamp series, that is most definitely the case. The Colombian artist says shes carried a fascination with birds with her since she was a little girl though it wasnt until 2013 that she began incorporating the avian figures into her artwork. Her latest bird-related series combines her intricate paper bird sculptures with postage stamps from some of her favorite countries, playing with the concepts of travel, flight and globalism all in one.DianaBH16_01 Herreras cut paper sculptures really are a marvel of medium mastery; each delicate, detailed bird is bursting with personality, movement and dynamism. The colors are bright, the posing organic and the skill of it all on another level. Herrera said that she thought to pair the forms with international stamps because of the natural connection between the two— the intersection of a bird and its landscape, traveling and cultural understanding. Her stamps too are vibrant, engaging and special; each piece of her artwork is obviously deliberately and lovingly created. [h/t] DianaBH16_02 DianaBH16_03 DianaBH16_04 DianaBH16_05 DianaBH16_06 DianaBH16_07 DianaBH16_08 DianaBH16_09

These black and white installations are totally trippy exploration of space and our relationship to it

If you’ve ever wanted to experience an M.C. Escher artwork IRL, these installations by Peter Kolger are a must-see for you. The Austrian artist’s latest fun house installations at the ING Art Center in Brussels are completely overwhelming (in the best way). Kolger uses graphic black and white line work to transform otherwise pedestrian spaces into psychedelic art spaces for visitors to explore, wander and interact with.peter-kogler-room-installation-1 It’s the interaction of the space with the visitor — both visual and physical — that is so transformative. The stimulus that the twisting and curving warped lines provide the visitor is so encompassing and thorough that it almost becomes a meditative space where you literally can’t think about anything else other than what’s right in front of you. The mind-bending installations are intricate, thoughtful, precise and show tremendous skill, passion and a dedication to perfection. [h/t] peter-kogler-room-installation-2 peter-kogler-room-installation-3 peter-kogler-room-installation-4 peter-kogler-room-installation-5 peter-kogler-room-installation-6 peter-kogler-room-installation-7

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