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Build The Future – Lego sculptures by Ogilvy Bangkok

Few toys are more synonymous with childhood than Legos, the interlocking bricks that so many have come to love. The ad agency Ogilvy Bangkok used the toy to pull at the heartstrings of festival-goers at this year’s festival with the campaign “build the future.”

lego- “Lego’s ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future. The brand believes that play is a key element in children’s growth and development,” Ogilvy Thailand Vice Chairman Nopadol Srikieatikajohn said in an interview with AdFreak.


lego-lego-build-the-future-print-397226-adeevee The series of ads is simplistic, yet striking in nature. The agency called on Illusion, a company in Bangkok, to create the Lego structures using 3-D illustration. The three careers that were chosen for the campaign are fields the agency believes children are interested in.

Capture For the sciences, Ogilvy chose an astronaut, for the arts, they chose a rock star, and social services, a firefighter. For each ad, the agency also made sure the lighting was closest to the atmosphere of each job. Space-like lighting, concert lighting, and fire-like lighting were chosen for each of the careers respectively. It is safe to say that the ads were a hit with festival goers, as they snapped pictures of them and shared the campaign via social media. Because of the campaign’s success, and the fact that it won three silver Lion awards, the agency plans on building the structures depicted in the ads in real life.

Get a virtual tour of Baia, ancient Rome’s version of Las Vegas

Italians are known for their passion, their enthusiasm, their joie de vivre. This love of food, wine, art, romance and indulgence feels deeply ingrained in the modern Italian’s being, a genetic thread that runs through the country’s citizens. And where does this inherent hedonism come from? One can surely point to the ancient Italian city of Baia as one of the epicenters of Italian culture. 58940293 Originally called Baiae and located on the Gulf of Naples, Baia served as an ancient Ibiza for the most elite and notable Romans during the Roman Empire. As a coastal town with a nearby volcano that created natural hot springs through the area, it was the perfect spot for emperors to unwind (and get into trouble). maxresdefault Roman engineers harnessed the hot springs’ healing effects for saunas and bath houses. The Romans built casinos and visitors hosted beachfront bacchanals that lasted all night long where the wine flowed and food was abundant. It was a party town in the purest sense, though it never attained legal municipal status.stor_l_20070411_232052 9b22bb0ea2fdca304e1fc5b0641a90c3


The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is a feat of human engineering skill and artistic talent

Really, what is there to do in the winter except cozy up by the fire and eat lots of food and drink wine? For the residents of Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, there’s the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival— the largest of its kind in the entire world.

Visitors view ice sculptures at the 29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival on January 5, 2013. (Associated Press) While the festival was confined to local participants when it first started in 1963, its since become an international festival drawing contestants and visitors from all over the world. The festival had a brief intermission for a number of years due to the Cultural Revolution but reopened in 1985 in Zhaolin Park. harbin-730x410 The festival begins on January 5 and lasts for an entire month though certain participants and areas will begin early and stay later, weather permitting. Average temperatures during this time of year hover between 1.8 and -31 degrees Fahrenheit. img_836_d20131128233450 There are two main areas of the city that get dedicated to the festival, though it is scattered throughout. Sun Island sits on the opposite side of the city proper, just on the other side of the Songhua River. Here, visitors will find an expo of outsized snow sculptures. Ice and Snow World, however, is a nighttime city built entirely from 3 inch thick blocks of ice that have been taken straight from the river.

Image result Local artisans use swing saws, ice picks, and chisels to carve the ice into moveable blocks. The blocks are then used for the Snow World constructions or ice sculptors use them to create temporary works of art. Festival participants have learned how to use de-ionized water so that their ice blocks are crystal clear; additionally, they’ll use colored lights to illuminate their artworks.

Image result In addition to the snow and ice sculptures, the festival also features a wide array of winter sports that include alpine skiing and even swimming in the river. Additionally, there’s a beautiful ice lantern exhibit in the Zhaolin Gardens. In 2007, a snow sculpture celebrating the life of Canadian doctor Norman Bethune won the Guinness Record for largest snow sculpture, clocking in at 820 feet long, 28 feet high, 250 meters long and using almost 460,000 cubic feet of snow. Last year’s festival celebrated 31 years with a “Ice Snow Harbin, Charming China Dream” theme. The city went all out and had an opening ceremony complete with a fireworks show. In addition to the usual ice lanterns, snow sculpture competitions and expos, the festival also featured fishing competitions, a group wedding ceremony, multiple fashion shows, live music and ice sports. sources: Wikipedia

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