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Loch Ness Ladle Will Bring Mystery and Fun to Your Kitchen

It turns out Nessie has been hiding out in our kitchens all along! Designers OTOTO created the fun but also very functional Loch Ness Ladle, which is sure to add loads of creepy cuteness to your stove top.

It measures in at 10.43″ (26.5cm), so it turns out ole Nessie is not quite the monster she’d always been rumored to be. Functionality hasn’t been forgotten, with the ladle’s sturdy little legs also serving to keep the ladle upright.

Check it out below, and if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself (at a very reasonable $15.99) head over to Animi Causa.

loch ness ladle

lochness ladle

loch ness spoon

via Gizmodo


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Cute Photo Series Captures Dogs and Cats in Mid-Sneeze

Our pets become some such beloved parts of our families that it seems like practically anything they can do becomes adorable — even sneezing.

While it might confuse them (if they pay it any mind at all), to us it can be the source of endless amounts of hilarity.

The people over at HelloGiggles understand this well, and recently compiled a very funny collection of cats and dogs caught in mid-sneeze.

Take a look at the adorable series below.

pets sneezingImage Credit: Sunbeams14

dogs and cats sneezingImage Credit: theplanegeek

cats and dogs sneezingImage Credit: 89reatta

pets mid-sneezeImage Credit: doug8082

dogs and cats sneezingImage Credit: nostraTomus

cats and dogs sneezingImage Credit: MarineRaven

pets mid-sneezeImage Credit: DhalsimsRevenge

h/t HelloGiggles


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Clever Bookmark Shines Light on the Last Page You Read

Peleg Design is always taking unique, fun looks at design as we’ve shown you before with their foosball erasers. The firm’s latest is a cute and clever bookmark that lights up your last read page which they call the ‘Lightmark.’

Paying homage to the look of a classic desk lamp, the bookmark will keep your place ‘pointing’ down on your last read spot. It’s base allows it to then sit on your book’s pages, patiently waiting and watching…judging you, looking down on you as you consume other forms of entertainment such as television.

Take a look at this fun but judgmental bookmark below, and find out more by visiting Peleg Design.

cute bookmark

lightmark bookmark

lamp bookmark

peleg design bookmark

bookmark lightmark

light bookmark

via Peleg Design, Design Boom


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