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Funny Photographer Puts the Cute Squirrels in Her Backyard to Work

For most of us, the squirrels in the backyard are just a cute animal to spend a few minutes watching at play on a sunny day. They can be a joy to watch as they scurry back and forth, up and down, perhaps with our favorite pup hopelessly chasing them all along.

When photographer Nancy Rose noticed how particularly tame the squirrels in her back yard behaved, she naturally had an idea. Putting her talent and creativity to work, she placed the adorable critters in various humorous photo-ops. Here a but a few of the situations her curious backyard friends have found themselves in!

squirrels-01Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-02Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-03Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-04Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-05Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-06Image Credit: Nancy Rose

squirrels-07Image Credit: Nancy Rose

Mother Duck Waits Patiently As Her Ducklings Are Rescued. Pic #7 Will Definitely Make You Laugh.

In one of the cuter stories we’ve found, a man came across a concerned looking duck hovering over a sewer drain. When he went to investigate, he noticed that her young ducklings had fallen in. Fortunately, his ingenuity kicked in and he was able to rig up a system with objects already on hand to lift the ducks to the safety of a thankful mother.

The story, along with an amusing discovery that came just a bit too late, follows with rescuer raithe‘s comments in the caption section of each photo.


“the mother duck, upset.” – raithe

Image Credit: raithe via imgur


“By this point we’d finally managed to get one out. it was slow going but we were using a cup, bootlace, and a stick to try to goad the ducklings into the cup” – raithe

Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-3Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-4Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-5Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-6Image Credit: raithe via imgur


“We ah….figured out at this point that the drain behind the sewer grate could open. Whoops.” – raithe

Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-8Image Credit: raithe via imgur

ducklings-9Image Credit: raithe via imgur