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This Guy’s About to BASE Jump into a Skyscraper’s Rooftop Pool…

If you’re not familiar with the sport of BASE jumping, it’s basically just skydiving to the extreme. Standing for Building, Antenna, Span (bridges), and Earth (cliffs), the daredevil sport’s practitioners have become infamous for their death-defying stunts.

In the video below, BASE enthusiast John Van Horne used a helmet-mounted GoPro to take us on a first-person ride as he jumped into a 34-story tall skyscraper’s rooftop pool in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To jump and drop as long as he did, and still wind up 1200 feet off the ground is exhilarating just to watch, so we can only imagine what it’s like to do it firsthand.

To call the stunt dangerous would be a massive understatement, and we can’t help but be in awe of the tremendous skill John demonstrates to land in such a small target jumping from one high altitude spot to another. Watch the insane video for yourself below.

BASE jump rooftop pool


skydive into pool

John Van Horne

BASE jumping video

skydive int pool

Source: John Van Horne via Twisted Sifter


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11 People That Cheated Death. And Probably Need To Change Their Underwear.

Someone was on the side of these people at just the right time, because the situations they found themselves in — and managed to escape unscathed from — will shock you. Every single one of them should get down and kiss the earth because they’re all incredibly lucky to be able to do so still. You’ll probably have to watch some of these at least a few times before you’ll be able to believe that some of them even made it out alive. It was definitely these people’s day.

Source: viralnova

Good thing they were wearing their wetsuits

...Good thing they were wearing out wetsuits

I think this is just a viral ad for a backpack manufacturer

I think this is really a viral ad for a backpack manufacturer

That’s why you always cross at a crosswa…Oh, he was.

That's why you always cross at a crosswa...Oh, he was.

Oh, right. Look BEFORE you cross the street. I always get that mixed up.

Hmm, my bike vs. a dumptruck. I like those odds!

Too stupid to be anywhere near a road

Too stupid to be anywhere near a road

Freestyle highway driving

Freestyle highway driving

And he just made the last payment… 🙁

And he just made the last payment... :(

Why are they driving onto the other side of the road?!? Ohhhh I see

Why are they driving onto the other side of the road?!? Ohhhh I see

Now this guy has some GREAT reflexes

Now this guy has some GREAT reflexes

Don’t mind me can’t be late for school again k bye!

Don't mind me can't be late for school again k bye!

Hey, you see those flags? That means you’re on A RACE COURSE.

Lucky to still have a head

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Plummeting Over a 60ft Waterfall: See the Video Through His Eyes!

Dane Jackson is wired a bit differently than the rest of us. Always on the hunt for adventure, he has already traveled through 49 states and 11 countries in search of the perfect adrenaline rush. And at not even 21 years old, he’s got a lot left to do yet. With 6 months on the road per year traveling to kayaking events and clinics, the accomplishments are racking up fast. So when he set his eyes on the 60 foot waterfall La Tomata in Veracruz, Mexico he of course thought what anyone would: I need to go down that thing head first. Well, okay most of us aren’t the thrill seekers Dane is so that wouldn’t be the first, second, or even 487th thing that came to mind, but it’s cool to be able to watch from the sidelines. In this video, we ride along as he heads down the fall in his trusty kayak with a camera attached to its back capturing every last split second of the exhilarating drop. Enjoy!

Source: Jackson Kayak, Youtube

La Tomata awaits its challenger

La Tomata awaits its challenger

Just getting Dane’s gear up was difficult

Just getting Dane's gear up was difficult

About to take the 60ft plunge…

About to take the 60ft plunge...

And away we go!

And away we go!

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