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Casper Christensen’s 4 Minute Montage of the Best Opening Scenes in Cinematic History

I’d liken the opening shot of a film to the first line of a book; it sets the tone, establishes the mood and should be compelling enough to make you interested in the rest of the work. Much ado has been made about first lines of books – there are a myriad of ranking lists and blog posts dedicated to the subject – but what of opening scenes of movies?

Video editor Casper Christensen decided to tackle the massive project and edited together a 4:15 minute montage of what he thinks are the best opening scenes so far in cinematic history. I’m far from a movie buff so my ability to place these scenes is lacking (though I did spot Scarlett Johansson’s derrière from Lost in Translation) but even with my limited knowledge, I found myself captivated by the arresting images Christensen included. It’s quite the ambitious undertaking but the result is beautifully done and worth the watch. [h/t]

The Most Badass Girl Gang: Ghostbusters remake

I’m definitely a Mindy Kaling fangirl. I am also definitely a child of the 80s (feathered bangs and all). So, when she wrote about her desire to see an all-female cast remake of Ghostbusters in her 2011 book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” I was immediately on board. Now, while I’m pretty sure her written wish is not the impetus of this cinematic magic in the making, it’s nonetheless coming true.

Directed by Paul Feig and starring Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon, this remake of the beloved original is set to become an instant cult classic. Just check out this sneak peek photo Feig tweeted out: the ladies have perfected the perfect posture between tough and hilarious. And that’s to say nothing of that vintage classic ECTO-1. Have you seen a sweeter station wagon in your life? No. The answer is no. [h/t]

The Most Badass Girl Gang: Ghostbusters remake The Most Badass Girl Gang: Ghostbusters remake

If You Were A Superhero… Six Consequences Of Being A Caped Crusader

Superhero fever has hit the peak with the Batman Vs Superman trailer that was revealed last week. While the anticipation of two of the greatest superheroes going toe to toe has all of us salivating over the prospect, the premise of the trailer (and of the movie) fired up our thinking hats. What would really happen if you were a superhero? Imagine being as strong as Superman, as deceptive as Batman, as fast as Flash, and as spider-y as Spiderman.

We have taken all of this (and more) into consideration. These are the consequences you will face if you were to be a superhero for a day.

No sex
If you had the strength of a superhero, chances are you mate needs to be a superhero as well. In other words, Superman would probably kill Lois Lane if they ever made love. Think about it; how can a man who can bend steel not break the woman he is boning. Yes, the comic books and movies may have it otherwise, but the science cannot be denied.

Concussions can be your Kryptonite
You may have all the strength and speed in the world to dodge bullets, blows, and everything else the villains throw at you. A blow to the head, however, can leave you with more than just a headache. Take Wolverine, for instance. The adamantium that makes him near invincible and immortal actually increases the impact of any blow to his skull. If the blow is really, really, strong he could die of brain trauma. And so can you.


Eat, eat, eat
We are not kidding. With the energy you will expend leaping from one building to the next, saving damsels in distress, and saving the world in general, you will need a fridge as big as a house to stock all your food. Maybe you could become a brand ambassador for one of the fast food chains and have them cater to your appetite. Consider this: Aquaman (considered one of the less powerful in the superhero universe) needs 48,000 calories per day to patrol the deep seas. That amounts to around 200 pieces of fried fish, to extend the sea metaphor.

Keeping your clothes on will be difficult
They say that speeding can be fatal, we say that being very, very fast can turn a superhero into a streaker. Suppose you are as fast as the Flash, you are faster than light itself. How will you clothes then stay on your body when your speed will leave them behind in the wind? The comic books reason that the Flash can keep his clothes on because of an aura that he projects. You will need something similar too, if you don’t wish to be running butt naked around town, saving the day.

You will need to be richer than Bill Gates
Most of us marvel at the resources that Batman has access to. There is the Batcave, where he stores all his superhero equipment ranging from his suit to his boots to his vehicle to his supercomputer and god knows what else. Our rough estimate is that the Batcave alone costs around a cool $2 million. And when you factor in the rest of the paraphernalia, one can only imagine the money required to keep the operation going. The good thing is that it can be done. Bruce Wayne’s backstory has it that he is worth at least $ 6.9 billion. That is the range you need to aim for if you wish to don the mask and patrol the city at nights.

Look before you leap
Your superhuman strength is all well and good while fighting criminals. The same strength could turn out to be a destructive force if you don’t watch it. Suppose you have to leap from one place to another, like the Hulk does, the force you exert on the ground could easily crack it open. Concrete can only stand a certain amount of force before it crumbles and we are sure your leap will do just that. If you were fighting a villain in a desolated place, the impact of your leap will still leave a deep hole on the earth.

We all admire superheroes and love to read about their exploits as well as see them on screen. What we do not think about is the consequences that the superheroes face because of their gifts. Dreaming about being Superman or Batman is one thing, being them is a different matter altogether.