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Joel Santos’ travel photos are an extended study on finding passion in other cultures

Where passion, talent and motivation intersect is where truly great art is made. Such is the case with Joel Santostravel photos. Each photo reads like a complete story in itself— the emotion, composition and subject all work together to create a fully realized whole. Santos is an economist, author, professor, photographer, travel guide and former magazine editor  and its obvious his varied professional experience informs his incredible art.477434_10150712942088686_858855018_o The Canon Ambassador travels the world, leading photography and travel tours, sharing his skill and knowledge with other artists. And speaking of skill, Santos understands how to use lighting in a truly expert way. Whether its a setting sun, light flare, lamplight or fire, Santos manipulates the light around him to create drama and evoke emotion. [h/t]1913241_10152742842398686_3144832208369325642_o 10499414_10152542914918686_50156013991273197_o 10923246_10153115433258686_2361439842503077622_n 12496164_10153981920048686_6772360242932132534_o 13346200_10154171734913686_4538340620378582529_o 13575717_10154270537803686_1988418333161858549_o 15392883_10154757868723686_2572010206767126366_o

Traffic lights transform into mystical beacons in Lucas Zimmermann’s latest series

The characteristics of an artist are indeed varied; there’s no strict set of guidelines that deems you worthy of the title. With that said, we do feel that a certain curiosity and interest in everyday life often leads to some of the best art around. Such is the case for Lucas Zimmermann’s latest Traffic Lights series that he started two years ago.Lucas-Zimmermann-02 While the concept is simple — the photographer captures the light in a 20 second exposure on foggy evenings — The result is anything but. The three colors and three separate light posts blur together to create moody, magical portraits of these utilitarian objects. [h/t] Lucas-Zimmermann-03 Lucas-Zimmermann-04 Lucas-Zimmermann-06 Lucas-Zimmermann-07 Lucas-Zimmermann-08 Lucas-Zimmermann-09

This recent Golden Ratio discovery in Ansel Adams’ work further solidifies his artistic genius

Sometimes you just stumble upon something magical, whether it’s a particularly beautiful sunset, concert in a park, or, in the case of Eliiot McGucken, the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ photographs. The photographer was scrolling through some public domain photos of Adams’ and realized that the legendary landscape photographer was employing the Golden Ratio in his work.Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-1 The Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle that’s found in nature and used by many great artists and architects, creates visual harmony with a composition, whether that’s a person’s face or a landscape photograph. Once he saw the ratio, McGucken began overlaying the ratio diagram over Adams’ public domain photographs to confirm his initial thoughts— and there it was, over and over again. It seems Adams never mentioned using the Golden Ratio so it’s unclear whether he employed it consciously or subconsciously. Either way, his use of this aesthetically pleasing principle is no surprise; his landscapes are [h/t /] Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-2 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-3 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-4 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-5 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-6 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-7 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-8 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-9 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-10 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-22

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