Adorable Two Legged Chihuahua Gets 3D Printed Wheelchair

Turbo Roo is an adorable 6 month old chihuahua from Indianapolis, Indiana who just wants to play and run around like any other puppy. But Roo was born without his two front legs, and even a trained breeder found his needs to much too handle, so at just a month old he was adopted by a tech at a veterinarian’s office in the city. Eager to give the little dog wheels, the tech Ashley Looper, set up a fundraising campaign hoping for even the smallest donations. And the response she got was nothing short of remarkable.

Word reached Mark Deadrick, president of 3d printing company 3dyn, who designed this specialized 3d printed wheelchair just for Roo. The small cart is outfitted with a custom harness and can switch between two to four skateboard wheels which allow him to explore to his little heart’s content. But the story gets even better! Now that he’s able to move around freely, Ashley is training Turbo Roo to be a service/educator dog so that he can inspire children with similar disabilities. He’ll surely be putting a much needed smile on many children’s faces from here on out. And if you’d like to see just how far he’s come, watch the video of Turbo Roo before he got his wheelchair at the end of this page.

3d printed wheelchair

two legged chihuahua

dog wheelchair

wheelchair for dogs

wheelchair 3d printer

Source: Ashley Looper via Design Boom


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