Croatia based street artist Lonac may hate his name, but he loves creating outdoors

Lonac, which means cooking potin Croatian, got the nickname when he was just a kidand hated it. It wasnt until Lonac became a street artist as an adult that he realized he, yet again, needed a nickname. Unhappy with everything he was coming up with, the Croatian went back to his roots and brought back the childhood moniker.tumblr_ofioddg8kj1rv33k2o1_r1_500Now, as an internationally recognized and respected street artist, Lonac creates incredibly detailed, oversized murals on walls all over the world. His work is often met with a sly sense of humor and social awareness. In one, a vividly orange goldfish jumps from a fishbowl straight into a glass of champagne, a trick many humans wish they could pull of on the regular. In another, more surrealist work, a shirtless man transforms into a tuba, his chest bearing the buttons to make the instrument play. [h/t] tumblr_ofioddg8kj1rv33k2o2_r2_500

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