Danila Tkachenko’s photos of decaying USSR utopian symbols will haunt you

Utopian societies, we can now safely say, are naively romantic ideals. Like the notion of a soul mate, it’s a sweet concept in theory but ultimately ends in disappointment in reality. In his photographic series Restricted Areas, photographer Danila Tkachenko takes on the USSR’s technological strides toward utopia with startling emotion.danila_tkachenko_photography_1-1050x840The series is a bleak, white washed sequence of abandoned, decaying symbols of progress— airplanes and factories unabashedly Brutalist in their design. The dark, hulking monsters made of metal are menacing in their size and structure, especially against the pure white snow. Tkachenko’s photos are deceptively simple; it is because there is nothing to distract the eye that they’re so powerful in their message. He’s saying a lot by showing so little; namely, this is what happens when power gets the better of people.[h/t ignant.com]


danila_tkachenko_photography_18-1050x840 danila_tkachenko_photography_12-1050x840 danila_tkachenko_photography_9-1050x840 danila_tkachenko_photography_8-1050x840 danila_tkachenko_photography_3-1050x840