Beautiful Decorative Deer Sculptures by Natasha Cousens

New Zealand artist Natasha Cousens creates deer sculptures decorated with beautiful flowers and other embellishments. Using unnatural colors and exaggerated features, her pieces have a strong sense of fantasy to them. Each sculpture takes months to complete, and with materials taking time to set she’ll usually be working on a few at a time. “Doe Ray Me” which you’ll see below took 11 months. The sculptures are composed of mostly clay with fiberglass, resin, wood and other materials providing the finishing details depending on the piece.

Natasha will next present her work at the Lightwave Gallery in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand in November. See more of her sculptures by visiting her website, and check out her blog for some nice behind the scenes photos of her creation process. Also take a look at this recent interview with Featured E-Magazine.

Source: Natasha Cousens via Asylum Art

Doe Ray Me

Natasha Cousensdoe ray me sculpture

deer sculpturedeer wreathflowered wreath

Life’s Breath Entwined

Life's Breath Entwinedfantasy deer sculptureNatasha Cousens art

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