Designer’s 3D Printed Leg is Both Functional and Pleasing to the Eye

With more than 2,000,000 amputees in the United States and that number growing by 185,000 per year, the need for prosthetic limbs has never been greater. But traditional prostheses are extremely costly, heavy, and put little to no thought into aesthetics.

That could all change thanks to Adam Root’s “Exo-Prosthetic,” a 3D-printed leg which puts functionality, low cost, reduced weight and fit all at a premium. Using an inverted 3D model of the patient’s existing limb, the lab prints an exo-skeleton made from fused titanium dust particles.

The resulting limb is highly mobile, extremely durable, and biologically compatible, causing little to no irritation to the wearer. View more below or by visiting Adam’s page on behance.

3d printed leg

leg 3d printed

3d printed limbs

3d printed artificial limb

3d printing aesthetics

aesthetic prosthetic leg

via William Root, Giz Mag, Design Boom


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