Selfie Fables: What if Disney Characters Had Instagram?

Italian artist Simona Bonafini’s Selfie Fables series imagines a hilarious — yet, disappointing — world in which fairytale characters have Instagram. The funny Disney selfies series has thus featured the likes of Ariel, Wendy, and even a “bro”-tastic Hercules.

Putting a cute modern twist on the favorite guys and gals from the classics of our childhood, Simona gives us a sneak peek at things we’ve always wondered about like what a slumber party at Wendy’s would like, and which character is most in love with the mirror (I’d give the nod to Hercules over the Evil Queen).

Take a look at the funny selfie series below, and to check out more of Simona’s work visit her on Facebook and Behance.

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Selfie Fables

Simona Bonafini

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fairytale characters

via Simona Bonafini, Design Taxi


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