New Mural by Etam Cru for the No Limit Boras Street Art Festival

Street art duo Etam Cru is one of our favorites here (take a look at all of our features on them here). Their latest piece is this awesome mural that was recently unveiled in Boras, Sweden as part of the No Limit Boras Street Art Festival.

The mural shows a young woman leaning against a shed thinking with an open book sitting in her lap and a sleeping dog at her side. Soft colors show a snapshot in time of an outdoor scene. An animal once again makes an appearance, though this time it has not taken on human behaviors like in some of their past murals.

One departure is that they’ve spent a bit more time on the background in this piece, with the woman leaning up against the outside of a house. This really helped to blend the mural in with the natural scenery of its surroundings, as it closely matches the building’s normal color.

Source: Etam Cru via Street Art News

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no limit boras mural

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