‘Domestic Bliss’ by Fintan Magee, Plus a Work in Progress

Fintan Magee continues putting out great stuff which we’re always happy to bring you.

He recently finished up a piece in the St. Leonards suburb of Sydney, which he calls ‘Domestic Bliss.’ Done in his usual hyper-realist, large-scale style, the mural depicts a mentally ill man the artist saw walking by his studio. It is located out back of the Kind Of Gallery on Atchinson Lane.

Next, is a work in progress from Perth. He’s really getting creative with this one, with a man shown to be discovering a man shadowing him who bears a striking resemblance. We’ll see how it plays out.

Domestic Bliss in Sydney

Sydney mural

King of Gallery

Work in Progress, Perth

fintan magee work in progress

mural in Perth, Australia

via Fintan Magee


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