Graffiti Artists Paint Stunning Greek Gods on Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become more and more prevalent as canvases in the art world lately, as we’ve reported on with works by ROA and JR. The latest to join in the trend are graffiti artists Pichi & Avo, with this fantastic colorful creation from the North West Walls Street Art Festival.

The event held in Werchter, Belgium was curated by artist Arne Quinze, who arranged for the shipping containers that would serve as the graffiti duo’s canvases. The team went to work splashing the containers with striking, bold colors which demand the viewer’s attention.

Greek gods were painted in classic form over a background of modern graffiti, creating quite the interesting contrast. And with the vibrant colors bathing them, the strong heavy features of the Gods are even more pronounced.

To see a video of the team creating this piece, click here or scroll to the end of this article. More information on Pichi & Avo’s art can be found at their website or by following them on Facebook.

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Source: Pichi & Avo via Junk Culture


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