Italian artist Francesco Romoli crafts haunting scenes of small town America with his diorama photographs

The Italian artist constructs his dioramas out of cardboard, plastic, paint, found objects and other materials that give the buildings realistic-yet-otherworldly quality that imbues each photograph with a magical quality. A major part of the diorama magic comes not only from the structures themselves but the way Romoli lights, styles and conceptualizes the story of the photograph.francesco-romoli-03He digitally manipulates the images in post production as well to heighten whatever emotion hes trying to achieve, which is often a combination of unsettled and threatening. In one, a group of dancers move underneath a brightly lit gazebo—  a completely benign scene on its own. But the broken down cars, flat tires lying on their sides, the cars themselves stripped of their working parts, make the scene scary. h/t francesco-romoli-05

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