Japanese hostel chain Book & Bed has just made that other B&B obsolete.

The thing about charming little bed and breakfasts is that while the bed part may be charming (and is almost always little), we find the breakfast part to be awkward, too rich and way too early. Thankfully, the Japanese hostel chain Book & Bed have answered our b&b dreams. Here, guests get to literally sleep among books as the beds are built right into the bookshelves. Book & Bed may call itself an “accommodation bookshop” but we prefer to call it what it is: heaven on earth. bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-2Book & Bed recently opened its second location in the heart of Kyoto (its first is in Tokyo, natch), offers semi-private overnight “rooms,” a plethora of books written in both Japanese and English and convenient access to popular local attractions like the Yasaka Shrine and Nanzenji Temple. The boutique hotel’s rates start around $40 a night which gets you a compact bed, shared bathroom and 24 hour access to the massive library. While the concept may not work for those travelers who prefer a bit more privacy, adventurous bibliophiles can rejoice. [spoon-tamago.com] bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-3

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