Journey to a surreal world of Augustin Rebetez’s unconsciousness

Our world went through numerous transformations in the course of 20th century with almost every sphere of human life changing drastically. And art is no exception. From relatively simple depictions of surroundings, it moved to the complex structure full of innovation, controversy that we see today. Though the purpose of art is infinity debatable, we can say for sure that it has to show us different sides of our existence and the world… maybe even create a new one.

That’s precisely what Augustin Rebetez does in his work, introducing a viewer to a slightly creepy dimension on the edge of mythology and mysticism. 01


He is a true embodiment of the contemporary multidisciplinary focus of art. The dynamism of Rebetez’s works is due to his usage of various media. He creates a surreal stream of consciousness, sometimes humorous and tragicomic, but always bizarre and perplexing; he experiments with video, performances, installations, sculpture, photography, painting – the list goes on.


14The peculiar feature to his art is that though it has its distinguishing mysterious and a bit dark, surreal feeling, it contains references to the variety of styles throughout art history. The nodes to the early modernism, tribal art, and even anime culture can be observed as well as some Tim Burton’s motives and grotesque aura of Franz Kafka’s literature. 06

02Augustin Rebetez not only gives an audience a glimpse of his vivid imagination, but tries to express his experiences and influences through art, while also attempting to understand life and human nature. “I’m not religious but I want to know what life is… For this work I have this old idea that things come to us from outside, that our feelings and emotions don’t just come from our soul, that our imagination doesn’t just come from our brain, but that they connect to something beyond our bodies.

10With Carl Jung and the idea of the collective unconsciousness in mind, Rebetez’s art can be seen as a bridge between our “historical” nature and modern selves. Primal instincts and a post-modern reality combined with a unique, dreamy (or rather nightmarish) aesthetics makes these artworks exceptionally powerful.

ewqWe want to see more and more of them, to get to the bottom of the meaning, to figure out what are they standing for. And though formally we are looking at the products of artist’s mind, this journey occurs in our own inner worlds. Search for answers never stops and Augustin Rebetez definitely has set some peculiar guiding lines along the way to discover the surreal dimension of our thoughts, fears and desires.