Kostis Fokas and his liberating vision on human body

While the topic of the acceptance of ones physic has recently became one of the major themes in contemporary photography, each artist chooses to express it differently. Some use provocative, bold images, other prefer subtle allusions or concentrate on gender identity. Greek photographer Kostis Fokas incorporates all of the above principles in his oeuvre, adding to the mixture a bit of humor and some surrealism. His main aim is to show the true capacity of the human body, the possibilities and the means of expression it could externalize. In order to do so, we should totally accept our own corporeality with all the faults, fears and desires. tumblr_nnp279QC0f1rk27jno1_1280Kostis Fokas photography shows people in a special state of mind, conscious of their own sexuality while also not taking themselves too seriously. This mentality gives a feeling of liberation by acknowledging ones needs and your fears, and with the help of artist’s creative mind and colorful Greek visual heritage the outcome is quite amazing.

Fokas’s works are unique in their ability to create surreal image by merging the human body, or even just parts of it with the surroundings, digital or natural. A clever game of shadows, shapes and light helps to accomplish this task.tumblr_ob8eetsj1C1rk27jno1_1280-min

Frequently there are no human faces in his photos, sometimes eliminating the “humane” factor from it. We just observe bodies transforming into weird forms or mimicking with the environment. Moreover, the faceless images helps viewing the human body as an endless source for self-expression and creativity, which is accessible to anybody who is willing to liberate themselves.tumblr_n6vggsAe8n1rk27jno1_1280-min

tumblr_ntwkmgKnVl1rk27jno1_1280-minKostis Fokas photography is erotic and sexually-charged, but at the same it is very warmhearted and tolerant, pushing us to create and be creative, to accept and be accepting. He offers the viewer a surreal reality with the main focus on physicality, but his touch on this topic has a revealing quirkiness and humorous note. His subtle approach to such serious and controversial theme is a unique example of photography that manages to construct surreal realities while successfully reflecting serious social issues. This valuable and rare skill proves Fokas’s oeuvre to be a fine example of contemporary photography.