Luce Pelletier examines the inevitably of death with her wall paper sculptures

Memento Mori is one of the earliest and most pervasive symbols in art history. Meaning literally to “remember death” in Latin, human skeleton heads were often painted into scenes to remind the viewer of their own mortality. It may sound a bit morbid but it’s really just an ancient form of #yolo. Contemporary artist Luce Pelletier explores that, and other symbols of life and time, in her latest works “Identity Paper,” a series of sculptures created with wallpaper found in an abandoned Quebec home.

By using vintage wallpaper sourced from an old home as the medium for her sculptures of human parts and small animals, Pelletier reinforces the idea of the ephemeral. The inevitable decay that is implicit in her work is hauntingly beautiful; the rough natural textures mimics nature  while the faded floral prints distances the sculptures from real life. [source:]img_4_1458573512_86006dcc4b62691823af782bf2bc1611img_11_1458573512_e0eae1127ef99af55ca0ae2140bcc5bb