These paper bird sculptures from Diana Beltran Herrera will make your heart sing

Its not often that humans depictions of nature are better than the real thing but with Diana Beltran Herreras paper bird stamp series, that is most definitely the case. The Colombian artist says shes carried a fascination with birds with her since she was a little girl though it wasnt until 2013 that she began incorporating the avian figures into her artwork. Her latest bird-related series combines her intricate paper bird sculptures with postage stamps from some of her favorite countries, playing with the concepts of travel, flight and globalism all in one.DianaBH16_01 Herreras cut paper sculptures really are a marvel of medium mastery; each delicate, detailed bird is bursting with personality, movement and dynamism. The colors are bright, the posing organic and the skill of it all on another level. Herrera said that she thought to pair the forms with international stamps because of the natural connection between the two— the intersection of a bird and its landscape, traveling and cultural understanding. Her stamps too are vibrant, engaging and special; each piece of her artwork is obviously deliberately and lovingly created. [h/t] DianaBH16_02 DianaBH16_03 DianaBH16_04 DianaBH16_05 DianaBH16_06 DianaBH16_07 DianaBH16_08 DianaBH16_09

The Beipanjiang bridge is a modern marvel of technological innovation as the world’s highest bridge

China is huge, this we know. It’s also a diverse land, with incredibly varied topography to prove it. Because of this, the country has had to learn to adapt to the changing landscape in a way that works best for them. Whether it’s constructing towering skyscrapers in its bustling cities to meet the increasing demand for housing and commerce or, as in the case here, building crazy bridges to connect its more remote regions in convenient and safe ways.1hfuyi The Beipanjiang bridge opened to the public on December 30th, 2016, after construction began in 2011. The bridge is now the highest in the world, standing 1,854 feet above the ground. The structure connects Guizhou and Yunnan and shortens the time between the two rural provinces from five hours to only two. 2dfghprfv The bridge spans a distance of an impression 4,400 feet across the Beipan river valley between the mountainous landscapes and is a major feat in providing the area’s residents and workers with a safe, convenient travel option. The bridge is part of the G56 Hangzhou-Ruili roadway and links the cities of Qujing and Liupanshui.3uyftyseop It’s reported that the bridge cost $144 million dollars to build; China is also home to 15 of the 20 highest bridges in the world. The Sidu River Bridge and the Puli Bridge come in at numbers two and three though they hundreds of feet shorter than the Beipanjiang. 4ghaaskop Before these crazy high bridges, travel across these remote regions were dangerous, grueling and took days on winding, small roadways. It was an outdated, unsafe and inconvenient way of traveling and China has done well by their citizens to invest in their infrastructure by building these series of bridges. 5hgfiu In contrast, the highest bridge in the United States is the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado and is almost 1,000 feet shorter than the Beipanjiang. In 2001, the Royal Gorge was actually the tallest in the world but has been pushed to 17 in intervening 16 years.6ewqob There’s a difference between the tallest and the highest, however. While the Beipanjiang Bridge is the highest — meaning it has the most distance from the deck to the ground — France’s Millau Viaduct is the tallest, which measures the height of the structure itself.7kphgvas For perspective, the 1,854 feet that the bridge comes off the ground is roughly equivalent to a 200 story building!8hpjhbws Sources: USA Today, Mother Nature Network, Newser, Highest Bridges

Traffic lights transform into mystical beacons in Lucas Zimmermann’s latest series

The characteristics of an artist are indeed varied; there’s no strict set of guidelines that deems you worthy of the title. With that said, we do feel that a certain curiosity and interest in everyday life often leads to some of the best art around. Such is the case for Lucas Zimmermann’s latest Traffic Lights series that he started two years ago.Lucas-Zimmermann-02 While the concept is simple — the photographer captures the light in a 20 second exposure on foggy evenings — The result is anything but. The three colors and three separate light posts blur together to create moody, magical portraits of these utilitarian objects. [h/t] Lucas-Zimmermann-03 Lucas-Zimmermann-04 Lucas-Zimmermann-06 Lucas-Zimmermann-07 Lucas-Zimmermann-08 Lucas-Zimmermann-09

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