3D Printed Paws Let Rescue Dog Run for the Very First Time

Derby is a rescue dog that was born with a disability which shaped his front paws like flippers, rendering him unable to get around or explore on his own like other dogs.

Foster mom Tara Anderson knew that the technology she worked with everyday at 3D Systems could have life-changing ramifications for Derby. With the help of Animal Ortho Care in Virginia, the team tackled the task of getting Derby truly mobile for the first time in his life.

They began by first creating hand-carved plaster casts of Derby’s front limbs, before moving on to creating a digital image through the use of a 3D scanner. Once a design was arrived on that offered optimal fit, comfort, and mobility, a set of freedom-giving paw prosthetics were printed.

Derby took to the limbs immediately, as if they’d always been a part of his body. He ran and played for the first time as if he had always been able to, and now runs 2-3 miles a day with his new family. Watch the heart-warming video of Derby’s run in the video below (skip to the 2:00 mark).

dog video prosthetics

3D printed paws

3d printed dog paws

dog prosthetics

derby paws

3d printed derby

dog video prosthetics

via 3D Systems, Design Boom


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RONE Completes Portrait Mural in Hollywood, Florida

RONE has completed yet another one of his fantastic photorealistic portrait murals, with this latest piece being found in Hollywood, Florida.

He’s entitled the piece “Blue Beauty,” with its usage of soft blue tones throughout. As always, a muse was used for the mural, with this piece’s being an Australian model named Teresa Oman. You can take a look at her Instagram page here.

If you’re interested in seeing the piece in person, it can be seen on Harrison Street in downtown Hollywood. Check out some shots of the work below, and to see more from the artist keep up with him on Instagram.

RONE art

RONE artist

RONE mural

RONE portrait

RONE Hollywood

RONE Blue Beauty

via Street Art News


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El Decertor Completes Mural About Climate Change

Peruvian artist El Decertor was in his hometown of Lima recently, where he completed this mural which he calls ‘Climactic Utopia.’

The piece speaks on the artist’s worries about climate change happening not only in his homeland of Peru, but also in South America as a whole. The work keeps in line with his usual style, dealing with subjects of this manner depicted with a soft yet colorful palette.

There’s a tremendous amount of detail put into each of his mural, and this latest piece is no exception. Take a look for yourself below, and to see more of his work visit his page on Facebook.

El Decertor mural

El Decertor art

El Decertor artist

El Decertor street art

El Decertor Climactic Utopia

via Street Art News


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