These black and white installations are totally trippy exploration of space and our relationship to it

If you’ve ever wanted to experience an M.C. Escher artwork IRL, these installations by Peter Kolger are a must-see for you. The Austrian artist’s latest fun house installations at the ING Art Center in Brussels are completely overwhelming (in the best way). Kolger uses graphic black and white line work to transform otherwise pedestrian spaces into psychedelic art spaces for visitors to explore, wander and interact with.peter-kogler-room-installation-1 It’s the interaction of the space with the visitor — both visual and physical — that is so transformative. The stimulus that the twisting and curving warped lines provide the visitor is so encompassing and thorough that it almost becomes a meditative space where you literally can’t think about anything else other than what’s right in front of you. The mind-bending installations are intricate, thoughtful, precise and show tremendous skill, passion and a dedication to perfection. [h/t] peter-kogler-room-installation-2 peter-kogler-room-installation-3 peter-kogler-room-installation-4 peter-kogler-room-installation-5 peter-kogler-room-installation-6 peter-kogler-room-installation-7

This recent Golden Ratio discovery in Ansel Adams’ work further solidifies his artistic genius

Sometimes you just stumble upon something magical, whether it’s a particularly beautiful sunset, concert in a park, or, in the case of Eliiot McGucken, the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ photographs. The photographer was scrolling through some public domain photos of Adams’ and realized that the legendary landscape photographer was employing the Golden Ratio in his work.Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-1 The Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle that’s found in nature and used by many great artists and architects, creates visual harmony with a composition, whether that’s a person’s face or a landscape photograph. Once he saw the ratio, McGucken began overlaying the ratio diagram over Adams’ public domain photographs to confirm his initial thoughts— and there it was, over and over again. It seems Adams never mentioned using the Golden Ratio so it’s unclear whether he employed it consciously or subconsciously. Either way, his use of this aesthetically pleasing principle is no surprise; his landscapes are [h/t /] Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-2 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-3 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-4 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-5 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-6 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-7 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-8 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-9 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-10 Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-22

The world’s most well-known cities get an atmospheric upgrade in these fog-covered photos

Taking in a city’s skyline is always a breathtaking sight. These conglomerations of buildings are sprawling testaments to the incredible talent and determination of man physical trophies of our own progress. Even still, Mother Nature knows just how to out-do and amplify our efforts by simply throwing some fog over these skylines. The world’s most major cities — Dubai, London, Capetown, Shanghai, New York — have all been made even more mysterious, beguiling and gorgeous with a morning of fog. Thankfully, some quick thinking and talented photographers captured these fleeting moments so we can revel in their atmospheric beauty. 3BAF21B900000578-4071098-Head_above_the_clouds_Mr_Erturk_hiked_to_a_viewing_point_at_4am_-a-12_1482947876965 Bergamo City in Italy looks as if it’s been set on fire, the fog intensifying and obscuring the city’s evening lights while the Chicago skyline calls to mind a futuristic city buried by some unnamed weather disturbance. Whether it’s early morning, twilight or somewhere in between, these foggy scenes are captivating, haunting and otherworldly in their beauty. h/t: 3BAF32BD00000578-4071098-Windy_City_Fog_blankets_Chicago_s_tallest_buildings_after_rollin-a-13_1482947877020 3BAF21C000000578-4071098-City_in_the_sky_The_skyline_of_San_Francisco_blanketed_in_fog_th-a-9_1482947876915 3BAF32B900000578-4071098-Mysterious_scene_Photographer_John_Harrison_captured_these_breat-a-11_1482947876965 3BAF077000000578-4071098-Blanketed_Only_the_antenna_spire_of_the_Oriental_Pearl_Tower_whi-a-10_1482947876955 3BB2211B00000578-4071098-image-a-4_1483003454681 32C1D0C900000578-0-image-a-36_1459597172276

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