Add these 10 travel home decor items to travel the globe without leaving your living room

For many of us, traveling the globe to see the world firsthand is a life goal; but with work, kids, family, bank accounts and all the other daily obligations, it feels more like a daydream than an action plan. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but don’t have the funds or the time to make it happen, try decorating your home with these travel-themed accessories. You may not feel the heat of the Tuscan sun, but you will stay inspired to keep saving for that trip to Santorini.

Scratch globe: The only thing better than a scratch off lottery ticket is a scratch off globe. This fun accessory is a great way to explore the world with your kids as they learn about geography and different cultures with each scratch.



Vintage suitcase shelves: Packing is the worst. No one enjoys trying to cram all their necessary belongings into a suitcase only to have to unpack it all a few days later, wrinkled, dirty and a mess. With these cute vintage suitcase wall shelves, you get all the style and none of the hassle.



Tripod compass table: Always know exactly where you’re headed with this compass-clock side table. The working clock will keep you on time and the sophisticated look will keep your living room chic.



Airplane paperweight: Airplanes are heavy, no matter if they’re hulking masses flying through the sky or silver paperweights holding down your stuff. This airplane paperweight will indulge your high flying travel dreams while keeping your most important documents grounded and secure.



USA travel map pinboard: Keep track of exactly where you’ve been in seriously cool style with this USA map pinboard. Tick off your latest adventures with colorful pins which play off the black and white motif perfectly.



Travel poster: Truer words have never been written, in our opinion. Keep your wanderlust alive at work with this minimalist mantra hanging on your wall. Plus, the simple, modern design will fit anyone’s home decor style.



Destinations board art print: Want to feel like you’re in a airport without all the hassle and headache? Hang this cool destinations art print in your living room for a stylish reminder of your favorite travel destinations.



Travel-themed growth chart: Keep up with your kid’s growth and nurture their burgeoning love of adventure with this super cute travel themed growth chart.



World map pillowcase with washable markers: You’ll definitely win the award for coolest parent with these color-able pillowcases. Your little ones will learn about the world while indulging in their creative side— and the best part? They’re totally washable so they can color over and over again.


Florentijn Hofman’s art challenge: Rubber Duck vs The World

The world of art is an amusing one. It is full of contradictions and surprising turns. While the audience is no longer shocked or astonished by a sight of naked body or extreme violence, it turns out that the modern viewer is very disturbed by a huge yellow rubber duck. Sounds wierd, but that’s the reaction to the worldwide tour of Florentijn Hofman’s trademark work.

600 This Dutch artists focuses on the public art and huge installations embodying animal characters. Giant rabbits, pigeons, dogs, teddy bears, and,of course, the Duck appeared in many locations around the world. Immense installations evoke a stir of emotions, ranging from admiration and excitement to frustration and destroying intents. During Duck’s stay in Belgium, it came under knife-attack and was stubbed 42 times. It has been criticized for demolishing the environment around the work, which goes against the principles of public art, as it suppose to underline and define the surroundings, existing in a harmony with the public space. khvgb8898 hgbiltg565765iv On the other side, the Rubber Duck is a universal symbol, that is familiar to almost anybody in any culture of the world. Hofman himself states that the Duck is a symbol for peace and tolerance with no boundaries. While the audience seems to embrace this concept, many people felt that the whimsical installation turned into a commercial entertainment event, including the author of the art work.

gfvuk768tvas It is hard to say whether the issue is relevant and who’s fault it is; the idea of a benign character uniting the world with a humorous note and a great deal of flamboyance (literally) is worthy of respect. Negative comments have some validity, but also revel that people are very dependent on the “normality” of their surroundings and become stressed when something unusual intervenes their comfort zone. eca86ba054941570caf118

While Rubber Duck is a universally recognizable phenomenon, Hofman produce works that are much more local. For instance, his project ‘Moon Rabbit” is situated in Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan and based on the Asian folkloric story about the bunny that lives on the moon. Somewhat dreamy and adorable installation contrasts the military background, starring at the moon and attracting a lot of visitors. Such methods of contradicting the environment are simple, yet effective tool in the identification of urban and public space. Incorporating more local topics into his art, Hofman is able to create something site-specific; at the same time the cartoonish animals are relatable to many, thus making Hofman’s art works speak with a globally recognizable language. Isn’t it a modernist’s dream?

The Siberian lake Baikal is a real life Frozen

What do any of us really know about Siberia, other than its cold? Not much— and we’re just about to reinforce the idea. Lake Baikal, located in Siberia, is the deepest and cleanest lake on Earth. Clocking in at an astounding 373 miles deep (!!!), the lake can create 6.5 feet of ice on its surface every winter. This means that people, cars and anything weighing less than 16.5 tons can glide across this majestic lake’s surface without even making a crack. Some intrepid visitors even camp on the surface each winter!IMG_2070-copy-58795ece0274f__880 Indeed, the natural wonder has become quite the attraction— not only because of the novelty of it but also because deep underneath the ice, cracks and bubbles form to create some truly remarkable designs on the surface. Once April hits, all action has to halt, as the ice begins to melt, sometimes making sharp, cracking noises like gunshots through the vast expanse of land. [h/t] IMG_2340-copy-58795f04be876__880 IMG_2379-58795edc8390f__880 IMG_2550-58795f5a53c64__880 IMG_2866-58795ef769164__880

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