The Most Prolific Serial Killers The World Has Ever Seen

Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy. These serial killers and their prolific, sick crimes are familiar to most. Each man, and other infamous murderers have been the subject of countless studies, documentaries, movies and other reports which only served to provide more publicity to their horrific crimes.

With their ill gotten fame being so massive, many assume that these and other well known killers are not only the most sadistic but also the most prolific in history. Today, we show that that is not the case. In fact, many of the worst of the worst you like have never even heard of. There are many possible reasons for this. Perhaps the stories of their crimes were not sensationalistic enough to make for a good television story. Or sadly, maybe their victims were not seen to be as sympathetic as some others. Most likely though is simply that all but one of the killers which appear on this list were not American.

So if you’ve got the guts, read along about some of the world’s worst confirmed murderers.



Confirmed Victims

Possible Victims

Years Active

Luis Garavito Colombia




Pedro Lopez Colombia, Ecuador, Peru




Daniel Camargo Colombia, Ecuador




Pedro Filho Brazil




Yang Xinhai China



Andrei Chikatilo Soviet Union




Anatoly Onoprienko Soviet Union, Ukraine




Gary Ridgway United States




Alexander Pichushkin Russia




Wang Qiang China




Source: wikipedia

#10: Wang Qiang, China

Like many that you will see on this list, Wang faced a very rough childhood. Born in 1975 in the small Chinese village of Liaoning, his father was addicted to both alcohol and gambling and refused to let him attend school. His killing spree began on January 22, 1995 and would last nine and a half years before being caught and confessing to 45 murder and 10 rape victims.

Source: wikipedia

#9: Alexander Pichushkin, Russia

Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander had been seen as a normal, social child until a rough fall and hit to his head changed his personality. Many speculate that this lead to his aggressive, violent nature later in life. He would commit his first murder in 1992 and primarily targeted homeless men who he would pry with vodka. The majority of his 48 confirmed victims were found in a Moscow park where they were also believed to have been murdered.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#8: Gary Ridgway, United States

Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway is the by far the most well known and only American who appears on our list of serial killers. He operated in Washington state and favored prostitutes as his victims. After five of his earliest victims were found in the Green River, the press would name him the Green River Killer. Gary’s murders occurred over two decades and he was long a suspect but it was not until 2001 following his son providing a DNA sample that authorities would have enough evidence to link him to the crimes.

He would go on to reach a plea bargain where he fully confessed and helped authorities locate his missing victim’s resting places in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#7: Anatoly Onoprienko, Soviet Union/Ukraine

Anatoly Onoprienko

Anatoly Onoprienko

Anatoly’s horrific crimes would lead to him being dubbed “The Beast of Ukraine.” He was found to be responsible for at least 52 murders and sentenced to life imprisonment after being turned in by a relative who had taken him in and discovered a large stash of weapons used in his crimes. Unfortunately, this did not occur before an innocent suspect of the crimes died after being tortured by authorities in an attempt to elicit a confession.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#6: Andrei Chikatilo, Soviet Union

Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo

Chikatilo was born during a time of extreme famine and his family struggled to get by in their one-room hut. His mother repeatedly told him tales of an older brother that and had been kidnapped and eaten by hungry neighbors, though this has never been confirmed.

Later in life, he would become known as the Butcher of Rostov and found to be responsible for the murder and mutilation of at least 53 victims.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#5: Yang Xinhai, China

Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai

The second Chinese serial killer on our list, Yang was found to be responsible for 67 deaths. Yang grew up poor and would leave home at the age of 17. Later he was sentenced to five years in a labor camp for an attempted rape. Upon his release, he would embark on his four year reign of terror.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#4: Pedro Filho, Brazil

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born in 1954 and would become known as Killer Petey. While in the womb, his father would beat his mother and he was born with a damaged skull. He would have his revenge, being chosen as his father’s executioner after he had murdered Pedro’s mother. He would eventually be found to be responsible for 71 deaths.

Source: wikipedia

#3: Daniel Camargo, Colombia and Ecaudor

Daniel was raised by a neglectful father an abusive stepmother, who hated him and would force him to dress in girl’s clothing. After falling in love with a girl named Esperanza, he became angry when he learned she was not a virgin. This would lead to his crime spree, as she would assist him in seeking out virgin girls to rape and murder. He amassed at least 72 victims before being caught though the total is believed to be well into the 100s.

Source: wikipedia

#2: Pedro Lopez, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez

Pedro had another common childhood for serial murderers: his mother was a prostitute. He was thrown out of his home when he was 8 after being caught touching his younger sister inappropriately and was subsequently taken in by an older man who would repeatedly sodomize the young boy.

He would become known as the “Monster of the Andes” due to his prolific rape and killing spree of young South American girls. But due to local laws he was shockingly eligible for release after his arrest and sentencing. He was released for his crimes in Ecuador in 1994, but quickly rearrested on immigration charges and turned over to Colombian authorities to face murder charges. There he was found insane, but after being declared sane years later in 1998, he was released. Reports have since surfaced that Luis returned to his old ways and he became a suspect for a murder in 2002.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

#1: Luis Garavito, Colombia

Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito

Luis was born on January 25, 1957 in Genova, Colombia. He underwent trauma common to many serial killers in their youth, being subject to both physical and sexual abuse. When he reached adulthood, Luis would seek revenge on victims that were of a similar age to him when he was abused. He would gain trust of young boys then rape and murder them, ending their lives with a throat slashing.

He was finally caught in 1999 and confessed to the rape and murder of 147 young boys. He would be convicted of 139 of the murders and though he faced a maximum of 30 years he received 22 due to his helping authorities locate the bodies of his victims. Subsequent changes in Colombian law have since increased his maximum penalty to 60 years.

Source, Image Credit: wikipedia

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Famous TV Girlfriends Before They Were Stars

The women of Jerry’s life on television classic Seinfeld were never around for long. The fickle overgrown man child could make a mountain out even the smallest of mole hills. Girlfriends were cast aside for having hands that were too large or oddly shaped belly buttons. Like his three main compatriots on the show, George, Elaine, and Kramer, he was too self-absorbed and shallow to ever make a lasting connection on the show. But after all, the show was unabashedly about nothing – so who can complain?

The shows massive ratings and tremendous quality would go to serve as a launching point for the careers of many of the actresses that played these oh so unfortunate young women. Several have gone on to acting careers ranging from consistent and successful to certifiable stars. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of these leading ladies. Let’s just hope Jerry can remember their names.

Melinda McGraw

  • Appeared: Season 3, Episode 20. March 4,1992.
  • Episode: The Good Samaritan
  • Character: Hit and Run Driver
  • Synopsis: After witnessing a driver speed off after hitting a parked car, Jerry becomes angry and chases after it. But when he catches up, he finds the driver is very attractive and begins dating her.
  • Famous For: Since appearing on the show, Melinda McGraw has worked steadily with recurring roles on such hits as The X-Files, The District, Desperate Housewives, The West Wing, Mad Men, and NCIS.

seinfeld-melindamcgraw-1Image Credit: Huff Post TV

seinfeld-melindamcgraw-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Jane Leeves

  • Appeared: Season 4, Episode 10. November 11, 1992.
  • Episode: The Virgin
  • Character: Marla the Virgin
  • Synopsis: Jerry begins dating a striking woman but is frustrated that she is a virgin and won’t have sex with him. His frustration leads to the famed ‘Contest’ between the main four and after finding out she storms off, only to be deflowered by JFK, Jr.
  • Famous For: Jane would later land a starring role on what would become another NBC smash hit Frasier, playing live-in physical therapist Daphne. She has also done voice work on Phineas and Ferb and currently stars on TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland.

seinfeld-janeleeves-1Image Credit: Sitcoms Online

seinfeld-janeleeves-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Paula Marshall

  • Appeared: Season 4, Episode 17. February 11, 1993.
  • Episode: The Outing
  • Character: NYU student Sharon
  • Synopsis: A writer for NYU’s student paper is tasked to conduct an interview with Jerry and after witnessing the unusual relationship between him and George, mistakenly comes to the assumption that they are a gay couple.
  • Famous For: Paula is probably most well-known post-Seinfeld for her role as Laurie on Spin City. She has also had roles in Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, and Californication.

seinfeld-paulamarshall-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Seinsmelled

seinfeld-paulamarshall-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Teri Hatcher

  • Appeared: Season 4, Episode 19. February 25, 1993.
  • Episode: The Implant
  • Character: Sidra
  • Synopsis: Teri played the role of gorgeous Sidra who was clearly quite gifted in a certain, um area. He just wasn’t sure if they were real. But when Elaine was enlisted to do some detective work everything was ruined.
  • Famous For: Teri is one of the more successful of Jerry’s girlfriends in the acting world. She is well known for her long running role as Susan on smash hit Desperate Housewives.

seinfeld-terihatcher-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Says

seinfeld-terihatcher-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Susan Walters

  • Appeared: Season 4, Episode 20. March 17, 1993.
  • Episode: The Junior Mint
  • Character: Doloris
  • Synopsis: One of the more well known of Jerry’s girlfriend was known for well not being known by Jerry. Only being able to remember that her name rhymed with a part of the female anatomy, Jerry’s attempts to find out her name would ultimately blow up in his face.
  • Famous For: Susan has had many recurring roles since Seinfeld, including The Young and the Restless and The Vampire Diaries.

seinfeld-susanwalters-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Wikia

seinfeld-susanwalters-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Anna Gunn

  • Appeared: Season 5, Episode 3. September 30, 1993.
  • Episode: The Glasses
  • Character: Amy
  • Synopsis: After George believes he witnessed “Amy” kissing Jerry’s cousin, Jerry is furious only to find out that George was mistaken.
  • Famous For: Anna has appeared as Jean on The Practice, Martha on Deadwood, and Skyler on Breaking Bad.

seinfeld-annagunn-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Wikia

seinfeld-annagunn-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Jennifer Coolidge

  • Appeared: Season 5, Episode 9. November 18, 1993.
  • Episode: The Masseuse
  • Character: Jody
  • Synopsis: Jerry becomes extremely annoyed that the masseuse he’s dating, Jody has not offered him a massage. It is only further exasperated when he learns Kramer had received one.
  • Famous For: STIFLER’S MOM! STIFLER’S MOM! Need we say more? Jennifer also currently is a recurring character on CBS ratings hit Two Broke Girls.

seinfeld-jennifercoolidge-1Image Credit: Maps About Nothing

seinfeld-jennifercoolidge-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Jami Gertz

  • Appeared: Season 5, Episode 12. January 6, 1994.
  • Episode: The Stall
  • Character: Jane
  • Synopsis: Trouble arises after Elaine realizes that Jerry’s girlfriend Jane had refused to spare her some toilet paper at the diner.
  • Famous For: Jami is most well known for her roles on Still Standing (mother Judy) and Entourage (Marlo).

seinfeld-jamigertz-1Image Credit: The Dateable

seinfeld-jamigertz-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Courteney Cox

  • Appeared: Season 5, Episode 17. March 17, 1994.
  • Episode: The Wife
  • Character: Meryl
  • Synopsis: Things turn sour for Jerry after Meryl claims to be his wife so she can also take part in a discount at the dry cleaners.
  • Famous For: Do we really need to tell you? Courtney would go on to play neurotic Monica on television comedy classic Friends. She currently stars on Cougar Town.

seinfeld-courteneycox-1Image Credit: Sitcoms Online

seinfeld-courteneycox-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Janeane Garofalo

  • Appeared: Season 8, Episode 1. September 19, 1996.
  • Episode: The Foundation
  • Character: Jeannie
  • Synopsis: Jerry finally realizes who he’s been waiting for to come along after all these years: himself. But the two quick tired of each other leading to the first mutual, no feelings hurt breakup ever.
  • Famous For: Janeane is a very successful standup comedian and has had roles on The West Wing and 24.

seinfeld-janeanegarofalo-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Wikia

seinfeld-janeanegarofalo-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Christine Taylor

  • Appeared: Season 8, Episode 14. February 6, 1997.
  • Character: Ellen
  • Synopsis: Jerry is horrified when he comes to realize that new girlfriend Ellen is the loser of her group of friends.
  • Famous For: Other than being married to Ben Stiller, Christine appeared on Friends as Ross’ girlfriend that Rachel convinced to shave her head. She also had a recurring role as Sally Sitwell on Arrested Development and was Melody on Nickelodeon hit Hey Dude.

seinfeld-christinetaylor-1Image Credit: Sitcoms Online

seinfeld-christinetaylor-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Kristin Davis

  • Appeared: Season 8, Episode 16. February 20, 1997.
  • Episode: The Pothole
  • Character: Jenna
  • Synopsis: Jerry is disgusted after witnessing girlfriend Jenna brushing her teeth with a toothbrush he dropped in the toilet. He is able to overcome his hang-up, but exits quickly after she is drenched by an exploding toilet.
  • Famous For: Good girl Charlotte on HBO ratings bonanza Sex and the City.

seinfeld-kristindavis-1Image Credit: eclectikrelaxtion

seinfeld-kristindavis-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Debra Messing

  • Appeared: Season 8, Episode 19. April 24, 1997.
  • Episode: The Yada Yada
  • Character: Beth
  • Synopsis: When her marriage breaks up, Jerry Is right there and ready to swoop in. His hopes are shattered though after she reveals her anti-Semitism.
  • Famous For: Debra starred as Will’s best friend Grace on successful NBC comedy Will & Grace.

seinfeld-debramessing-1Image Credit: Seinfeld Daily

seinfeld-debramessing-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Amanda Peet

  • Appeared: Season 8, Episode 22. May 15, 1997.
  • Episode: The Summer of George
  • Character: Lanette
  • Synopsis: Jerry receives George’s assistance at being an attentive boyfriend but is surprised to learn she has a male roommate.
  • Famous For: She has appeared on Jack & Jill, Studio 60, and The Good Wife.

seinfeld-amandapeet-1Image Credit: The Poconos

seinfeld-amandapeet-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Lori Loughlin

  • Appeared: Season 9, Episode 3. October 9, 1997.
  • Episode: The Serentiy Now
  • Character: Patty
  • Synopsis: Patty gets more than she bargained for after pushing Jerry to show his emotions when she learns he is no unable to control them.
  • Famous For: After a long running role on Full House, Lori has appeared on shows such as 90210 and When Calls the Heart.

seinfeld-loriloughlin-1Image Credit: Lazy Girls

seinfeld-loriloughlin-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

Marcia Cross

  • Appeared: Season 9, Episode 7. November 13, 1997.
  • Episode: The Slicer
  • Character: Sara
  • Synopsis: Jerry is embarrassed to learn his girlfriend’s career as a dermatologist is much more important than he realized.
  • Famous For: Marcia appeared alongside Teri Hatcher as leads on Desperate Housewives.

seinfeld-marciacross-1Image Credit: The Dateable

seinfeld-marciacross-2Source, Image Credit: imdb

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See Where Big Fat Goalie and Chanandler Bong Laid Their Heads

Only on television could a waitress, a chef, a mostly out of work actor, and a — whatever it was Chandler did — could afford large, beautiful apartments in the heart of one of the world’s most expensive cities The Big Apple. For most of the series, Chandler and Joey lived in apartment 19 across from their pals Rachel and Monica, where they regularly met along with Phoebe and Ross.

tv-friendsImage Credit: Design Milk

The gang’s apartments (the girls were in number 20) were site of many of the show’s fans favorite moments. Who can forget the chick and the duck, the epic foosball matches, or the game taking the world by storm Fireball? But the boys’ apartment has its drawbacks. There was the singing neighbor (though Joey loved him, at least), the much too thin walls which left little to the imagination, Ross overstaying his welcome, and let us not forget Joey managing to lose all their things because he had to prove to a total stranger that their entertainment center was large enough to fit a person.

The main meeting area for the group outside of the coffee shop saw plenty of memorable moments as well of course. There was the closet of mystery, the downstairs cranky neighbor that the gang came to learn wasn’t quite so different, a seeming eternity spent hiding while Ross and Rachel had yet another fight, or last but not least the famed apartment switch contest. In case you’ve forgotten, Monica’s nickname when she was a field hockey goalie was none other than the ever so clever “Big Fat Goalie.” Oh, and ‘could I be wearing any more clothes?’

Others in the group, and occasionally outsiders, would fine themselves as residents from time to time in apartments 19 and 20, but to Friends fans everywhere they’ll always belong to Chandler and Joey, Monica and Rachel.

Where we found out Monica has 11 towel categories

Where we found out Monica has 11 towel categories

Image Credit: Just Me With

You don't go commando in another man's fatigues!

“You don’t go commando in another man’s fatigues!”

Image Credit: Georgia White

Great for napping

Great for napping

Image Credit: Always Friends

tv-friends-4Image Credit: Fan Pop