Ride Out the Apocalypse in this $11.5 Million Dollar Doomsday Bunker

Have a premonition when the world will end? Well, you’re in luck. For just $11.5 million, or $19,500 per person per month, you and your loved ones (that are worth $19,500 to you at least) can ride out the end of the world in pure comfort and style. This nuclear bomb proof bunker in Yellow Jacket, Colorado has just been listed by its owner whose identity and purpose behind building it are unknown. Perhaps the 2012 predictions didn’t turn out as they had anticipated?

Exterior shot of the home/fortressImage Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Be sure to enjoy those last few moments of breathable air and natural light

Be sure to enjoy those last few moments of breathable air and natural light

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

There are few cues that you are weathering the storm underground as the world’s ending, save for the semi-visible metal air ducts on the ceiling which close automatically if outside contamination is detected. Great care was taken to select comfortable furnishings with local design tastes in mind.

Furnishings were chosen to match local tastes

Furnishings were chosen to match local tastes

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Air ducts ensure there is safe air to breathe

Air ducts ensure there is safe air to breathe

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Ride out the apocalypse in style

Ride out the apocalypse in style

Image Credit: coloradonewsday.com

Keep in touch with the roving zombies who now inhabit the earth with your 100 foot radio tower, and if you make friends with one that used to be a pilot they can swing by and land on your very own helicopter pad.

Keep in touch with survivors...if there are any

Keep in touch with survivors…if there are any

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

To keep the lights on in your new fortress (there are no windows, of course) you’ll rely on four separate power sources. Your water will be tasty, cool and safe to drink after going through a seven stage filtration process. Stay safe (and comfortable), everyone!

The four power systems

The four power systems

Image Credit: roadtrippers.com

Rest after a stressful day

Rest after a stressful day

Image Credit: news.com.au

Living area

Living area

Image Credit: roadtrippers.com

bunker-08Image Credit: roadtrippers.combunker-10Image Credit: roadtrippers.com

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World’s Largest Hello Kitty Collection and Other Bizarre Guinness World Records

The idea for the Guinness World Records (formerly The Guinness Book of World Records) was hatched in 1951 when a managing director of Guinness Breweries was on a shooting excursion and became embroiled in an argument over what game bird was the fastest. Realizing he would have no way to find and verify this information, the reference book which is now known worldwide was launched.

Guinness recognizes achievements of all sorts. From those obtained without intent by the record holder such as tallest living man (Sultan Kösen of Turkey, 251 cm or 8’3”) or woman (Yao Defen of China, 233.3cm or 7’7”) to the odd and quirky that can take years to achieve, such as the world’s largest rubber band ball (25’4” in diameter, 9032lb).

World's largest rubberband ball in Lauderhill, FL

World’s largest rubberband ball in Lauderhill, FL

Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Though the athletic achievements are impressive much of the interest generated for Guinness is towards the more off-the-wall achievements they track. Here are some of the more interesting, and funny ones we found.

Largest Birthday Cake

A 130,000 pound cake was created in Las Vegas in 2005 for the cities centennial anniversary. It took 14 hours to produce, used over 40,000 pounds of frosting alone and outweighed the previous record holder by 128,360 pounds! One thousand volunteers used ingredients donated by Sara Lee to craft the treat.


Image Credit: lasvegas2005.org

Largest Biceps

Mostafa Ismail of Egypt. 25 inches flexed, 24 inches unflexed.

guinness-01Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Tallest Mohawk

Kazuhiro Watanabe of Japan, 44.68 inches.

guinness-02Image Credit: blog.flauntme.com

Tallest Living Dog

Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan. 44 inches tall.

guinness-03Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Nuns

In 2012, 1436 men and women gathered in Kerry, Ireland dressed as nuns for ‘Nunday’ to raise money for Pieta House, a suicide prevention charity. After the official count was made the record recognized, the nuns paraded through the town.

guinness-12Image Credit: worldrecordacademy.com

Heaviest Ridable Bicycle

Wouter van den Bosch of the Netherlands. 1650lbs (750kg).

guinness-04Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Largest Barbie Doll Collection

Bettina Dorfmann of Germany has 15,000 Barbie dolls.

guinness-05Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Largest Hello Kitty Collection

Asako Kanda of Japan has 4519 different Hello Kitty items.

guinness-06Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Most Balls Juggled Successfully

Alex Barron of the United Kingdom juggled 11 balls for a total of 23 catches without a drop.

guinness-07Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Tallest Living Horse (without shoes)

Big Jake, a Belgian Gelding horse from Poynette, Wisconsin is 82.75 inches or 210.19 cm.

guinness-08Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Longest Fingernails, Male and Female

Lee Redmond (USA), 28ft, 4.5 inches or 8.65 meters.

guinness-09-1Image Credit: guinnessworldrecords

Melvin Booth (USA), 32ft 3.8 inches or 9.85 meters.

guinness-09-2Image Credit: guinnessworldrecords

Most T-Shirts Worn at Once

Sanath Bandara of Sri Lanka, 257.

guinness-11Image Credit: goldenbookofrecords.com

Source: guinessworldrecords

Watch the Moving Tribute These Runners Made to a WWII Veteran

Pat Tillman died while fighting in Afghanistan after giving up a lucrative NFL career to serve his country in the U.S. Army. The Pat Tillman Foundation carries on his memory and helps to provide scholarships to military veterans and their spouses. One such event to benefit this cause is the San Jose 408K, an 8km charity race from San Jose to Santana Row.

Many spectators turned out to offer their support for both the cause and the runners.  One such spectator was special, a 95 year old veteran of World War II who came to offer his support in his full uniform.

What happened next will make you shed a tear. As he rose to applaud to the runners that passed, a few began to applaud back. That’s when one runner ducked out from the group and set off a moving tribute of passing runners. One by one runners veered off course to shake Joe’s hand and offer their thanks. Joe, the ever gracious soldier, was quick to offer his encouragement back to the runners.

Watch the moving tribute below and try not to shed a tear (screen caps below if you can’t view the video right now).

soldier-1Image Credit: youtube

soldier-2Image Credit: youtube

soldier-3Image Credit: youtube

soldier-4Image Credit: youtube

soldier-5Image Credit: youtube