Watch the Moving Tribute These Runners Made to a WWII Veteran

Pat Tillman died while fighting in Afghanistan after giving up a lucrative NFL career to serve his country in the U.S. Army. The Pat Tillman Foundation carries on his memory and helps to provide scholarships to military veterans and their spouses. One such event to benefit this cause is the San Jose 408K, an 8km charity race from San Jose to Santana Row.

Many spectators turned out to offer their support for both the cause and the runners.  One such spectator was special, a 95 year old veteran of World War II who came to offer his support in his full uniform.

What happened next will make you shed a tear. As he rose to applaud to the runners that passed, a few began to applaud back. That’s when one runner ducked out from the group and set off a moving tribute of passing runners. One by one runners veered off course to shake Joe’s hand and offer their thanks. Joe, the ever gracious soldier, was quick to offer his encouragement back to the runners.

Watch the moving tribute below and try not to shed a tear (screen caps below if you can’t view the video right now).

soldier-1Image Credit: youtube

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23 Unreal Kitesurfing Photos From a Never Before Seen Perspective

Kite surfing is an extreme sport that combines many others such as wake boarding, windsurfing and paragliding. By utilizing their parachutes, kite surfers can speed across the ocean and launch high into the air. With a current world record speed of 55.65 knots it’s no secret that this sport is not for the faint of heart. And thanks to the help of a small, versatile and lightweight video camera we can experience it as well. Finally, those of us without the guts or skill to attempt these feats ourselves can get a taste of what these daredevils live for.

Today, we’ll give you a peak into the kite surfing community, with these amazing photos taken by the sport’s enthusiasts. They’re sure to give you a rush!

kitesurfing-01Image Credit:

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The Stupidest Inventions of All-Time

Some inventions are a stroke of genius that make you sit back and say “why didn’t I think of that?” or “wow, that is brilliant.” Many things we now take for granted recreated life as the people of their time knew it when they were introduced. They could communicate easily with loved ones far away, travel great distances efficiently, or simply make a quick hot meal without touching the stove. Other inventions, don’t elicit quite the same reaction. These are just a few of those strokes of “genius.”

Privacy Scarf

Does the paranoid schizophrenic in your life have a birthday coming up? Help them avoid the government’s prying eyes with the privacy scarf! Tinfoil toboggan sold separately.

I'm not sure what he's reading but I bet it's about the government. And lizards, somehow.

I’m not sure what he’s reading but I bet it’s about the government. And lizards, somehow.

Image Credits:

Car Exhaust Grill

There’s nothing like showing up to a cookout with your hamburger ALREADY cooked is there? Apparently inventor Roohollah Merrikhpour from Iran thought so. Just slap in a patty, attach it your car exhaust and head out! But are you supposed to circle the parking lot if you want it well done? Make mine easy ketchup, no smog please.

Car Exhaust Grill

Car Exhaust Grill

Image Credits:

Air Conditioned Shoes

Japanese companies produce innumerable amounts of ingenious, extremely useful products every year. ‘Hydro-Tech’ has let us down on this particular offering though. They claim their shoes to be innovative, offering users more comfortable cool, and presumably for those that it is an issue, less sweaty feet. What’s the innovation? The shoes have holes in them. Yes, holes. Maybe it’s just me but I got rid of the last pair of shoes I had that got ‘innovative.’

The holes are patent pending

The holes are patent pending

Image Credit:

Toilet Golf

For the man who has everything, and doesn’t spend quite enough time in the bathroom EZ Drinker brings you the product everyone’s been clamoring for: Toilet Golf! Now I’m not much of a golfer so I’m unsure of what the proper golf etiquette would be here. How do we determine who’s away? Is there a penalty for water damage? And for God’s sake, do not tell me what you use to mark your ball.

Watch out for the water hazard

Watch out for the water hazard

Image Credit:

Diet Water

I…I don’t even know what they were going for here? Diet water? The Japanese company claims it contains specialized peptide bonds that — oh nevermind, it’s diet water. I’m not bothering.

From the makers of fat-free air

From the makers of fat-free air

Image Credits:

Automatic Wiper

Not only do I really, really doubt this would get the job done it also has emergency room visit written all over it.

No. No thank you.

No. No thank you.

Image Credit:

Remote Wrangler

I don’t quite see the advantage to having a bunch of remotes plastered to your face, but apparently designer Rodd Miller did. Personally, I’ll stick to putting the remote next to me on the couch like a normal, sane person.

inventions-remotesImage Credits:

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