Blind Sculptor Shares His Beautiful Gift With Others

Blind sculptor Felice Tagliaferri produces some of the finest, most beautiful sculptures in the world today. His works have been renowned in the art community after he rose to fame in 2008 after producing his own version of 1753 sculpture “Veiled Christ” after he was refused being allowed to touch it so he could experience the masterpiece in his own way. Now, he makes it his life work traveling the globe sharing his gift others.

Felice, who has been blind since he was 14 years old, has conducted many sculpting workshops for those without sight and his latest endeavor has taken him to India. There, he is conducting a two-week workshop where he will teach eager artists-in-training his skills, as he was taught by master sculptors in his youth. While the sculpture that helped him rise to fame eventually sold for $200k, truly the most meaningful reward for Felice will come March 12th, when his latest students will hold their debut at the Bethany Society, a local charitable organization.

Source: Felice Tagliaferri

blind sculptor

Tagliaferri’s reproduction of the Veiled Christ

Image Credit:

Felice Tagliaferri

…and the original Veiled Christ produced in 1753 by Giuseppe Sammartino

Image Credit: wikimedia


Italian sculptor

Experiencing his beautiful creations

Image Credit:

artist that can't see

Teaching his craft to a young student

Image Credit:

blind sculptures

Eager students hard at work

Image Credit:

sightless sculptor

Experiencing art Felice’s way

Image Credit:

"Papa Woijtyla"

“Papa Woijtyla”

Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:



Image Credit:

"Mamma Con Bambino"

“Mamma Con Bambino”

Image Credit:

"Donna Nel Vortice"

“Donna Nel Vortice”

Image Credit:



Image Credit:

"Geisha Allo Specchio" \

“Geisha Allo Specchio”

Image Credit:



Image Credit:

"Busto di Donna"

“Busto di Donna”

Image Credit:

"Donna Sdraiata In Marmo"

“Donna Sdraiata In Marmo”

Image Credit:



Image Credit:

"Volto di Cristo In Marmo"

“Volto di Cristo In Marmo”

Image Credit:

"Busto di Giovane"

“Busto di Giovane”

Image Credit:

"Testa di Cavallo In Marmo"

“Testa di Cavallo In Marmo”

Image Credit:

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Animal Best Friends: 350 Pound Lion and Adorable Dachshund

Sometimes the most unlikely friendships come in the cutest of places, and that is especially true with these animal best friends. Bonedigger and his best friend 7 year old Milo live together at an animal park in Oklahoma. They were united by their caretaker John and even since have become the best of pals. Not a day goes by that the two unlikely chums don’t spend enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Though Bonedigger enjoys playing with some of the other dachshunds at the park, Milo is without a doubt his best pal. Check out some pics of the two friends below, and be sure to watch the video at the end of the page as well!

Source: youtube

The buddies with their human friend John

animal best friends

Bonedigger with his body guards

unusual animal friendships

…but he’s not above returning the favor!

unlikely animal friends

Video of the cute animal pals together:

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World’s Most Expensive Car: Gold Lamborghini Aventador

The residents of Dubai have become notorious for their flagrant, often tasteless displays of wealth. So what better place for the world’s most expensive car? From man-made islands shaped to resemble the world’s seven continents, to what is said to be the world’s most extravagant hotel, the Burj Al Arab, nothing is too much. One favorite plaything among the privileged minority eligible for citizenship, and thus a share of the country’s oil revenues, are high-end sports cars. Young Dubai men with nothing to pass their days speed around town, dodging the migrant workers they treat as slaves, in their shiny Ferrari or Porsche.

So it comes as little surprise that this would be the site of the world’s priciest car – a $7.4 million dollar golden Lamborghini. 500kg of gold was used to craft the 700bhp V12 Aventador. It can reach 100km per hour in under 3 seconds flat and if you’re out for a late night cruise you can count on its diamond encrusted headlights – which are also woven into the seats. No worries – a cool $650k from the sale of this gold Lambo will reportedly go to charity.

world's most expensive carImage Credit:

gold LamborghiniImage Credit: Vodeezz,

golden Aventador DubaiImage Credit:

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