Animal Best Friends: 350 Pound Lion and Adorable Dachshund

Sometimes the most unlikely friendships come in the cutest of places, and that is especially true with these animal best friends. Bonedigger and his best friend 7 year old Milo live together at an animal park in Oklahoma. They were united by their caretaker John and even since have become the best of pals. Not a day goes by that the two unlikely chums don’t spend enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Though Bonedigger enjoys playing with some of the other dachshunds at the park, Milo is without a doubt his best pal. Check out some pics of the two friends below, and be sure to watch the video at the end of the page as well!

Source: youtube

The buddies with their human friend John

animal best friends

Bonedigger with his body guards

unusual animal friendships

…but he’s not above returning the favor!

unlikely animal friends

Video of the cute animal pals together:

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World’s Most Expensive Car: Gold Lamborghini Aventador

The residents of Dubai have become notorious for their flagrant, often tasteless displays of wealth. So what better place for the world’s most expensive car? From man-made islands shaped to resemble the world’s seven continents, to what is said to be the world’s most extravagant hotel, the Burj Al Arab, nothing is too much. One favorite plaything among the privileged minority eligible for citizenship, and thus a share of the country’s oil revenues, are high-end sports cars. Young Dubai men with nothing to pass their days speed around town, dodging the migrant workers they treat as slaves, in their shiny Ferrari or Porsche.

So it comes as little surprise that this would be the site of the world’s priciest car – a $7.4 million dollar golden Lamborghini. 500kg of gold was used to craft the 700bhp V12 Aventador. It can reach 100km per hour in under 3 seconds flat and if you’re out for a late night cruise you can count on its diamond encrusted headlights – which are also woven into the seats. No worries – a cool $650k from the sale of this gold Lambo will reportedly go to charity.

world's most expensive carImage Credit:

gold LamborghiniImage Credit: Vodeezz,

golden Aventador DubaiImage Credit:

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Dangerous Ancient Cures You Won’t Believe

Modern medicine has come along way, and looking back at some of the cures used in times past will leave you laughing, shaking your head, or just plain cringing. So the next time you bemoan getting a shot, just remember – at least the nurse isn’t giving you one of these dangerous ancient cures.

Ancient Roman Hangover Remedy

It’s no secret the Romans loved to party, and just as we do today they paid the consequences the next morning. But their remedy wasn’t chugging Gatorade, staying in bed, and faking sick to get out of work; the Romans go-to miracle cure. Pliny the Elder advised those afflicted to fry a canary and eat it whole. Today, college students keep the tradition alive by scarfing down fried foods after a night of a few too many.

romansImage Credit:

Got a cough? Eat a snail

A delicacy now, in past centuries they were merely a remedy for those suffering from a bad cough or sore throat. Users found the slimy creatures soothing. If you’re looking to test this out on your own (and who isn’t) you’ll need about a pounds worth. Or you could just, you know, take a cough drop.

dangerous ancient cures: snailImage Credit: GAP Photos

Snails didn’t do the trick for that cough? Give Jr. some nice heroin

Many of today’s most illicit drugs started as so-called miracle cures. Cocaine and heroin are both among them. Doctors prescribed them to all types of people for all types of illnesses; children were even given heroin to quell a nasty cough. The drug was even marketed by Bayer, who continued producing and selling the drug until 1913 when hospitals warned them of its addictive, dangerous nature.

heroinImage Credit: marcianosmx


While this is practice is well known to most people, you may not know how often it was prescribed. The practice, where a near foot long pick was hammered into one’s skull until it reached the brain was for a time considered brilliant – even winning it’s inventor a Nobel Prize. Shockingly, it was often used for a malaise as simple as moodiness or depression. Rosemary Kennedy was one such patient, she was rendered with the mental capability after a failed lobotomy to ‘cure’ her violent mood swings.

lobotomyImage Credit:

A little mummy is good for what ails ya

Today, legends abound of those who dare to disturb the deads’ resting places being stricken with horrible curses causing terrible disease or even death. Other cultures in the past though have seen it differently. Approximately 900 years ago it was popular in many Arab regions to grind up mummified Egyptians into a fine powder for medicinal use both internal and external.

mummyImage Credit: wikimedia

Some more health tips from our ancestors

Have a breakout before school picture day? Rub your face with a wet diaper.

Chilly? Have someone trace a cross on your back with a broom.

Rescue a drowning victim? A tobacco smoke enema will get them good as new.

High school reunion coming up? Lose those pesky last 10 pounds and swallow a delicious tapeworm.

Nearsighted? Farsighted? Piercing your ears will fix that.

Want to rid yourself of an unsightly wart? Tie a strand of horse hair around it and it will fall off within days.

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