Look Out For These Deadly Fish the Next Time You Soak Your Feet

Planning a summer trip to the ocean soon? Well, be careful where you step! One of these five deadly fish might be waiting in the the water for you!


Though extremely dangerous if not prepared by a well-trained chef, the pufferfish is considered a delicacy in many regions. But be warned, one mistake in preparation can send one into a coma or even death. Its deadly tetrodotoxin causes numbness in the mouth and lips, vomiting or paralysis. It is typically found in the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States.

five deadly fish: PufferfishImage Credit: wall.todayonpei.com


Watch your step the next time you soak your feet. The stonefish, named because of its ability to camouflage itself on the sea floor, where unwitting bathers become subject to severe pain. Sticking to freshwater, or even the beach isn’t fool proof however – stonefish are sometimes found in river beds and can live up to 24 hours without oxygen.

StonefishImage Credit: starfish.ch


Some species of this typically Indo-Pacific venomous fish have begun making their way to the Caribbean and United States east coast. Efforts have been made to control, or even eradicate, the lionfish in these areas but officials are not confident this will happen. Avoid reefs and corals for the time being as this is one of their preferred habitats.

LionfishImage Credit: wikipedia


Like the stonefish, a large part of the stingray’s danger lies in its ability to conceal itself on the ocean floor. Most attacks are very painful but normally not life threatening. They are found in all types of aquatic environments throughout the world.

StingrayImage Credit: montereybayaquarium.org

Boxfish (trunkfish)

These species are closely related to the pufferfish, though are less dangerous. They are normally found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. When threatened, the boxfish excretes toxic mucus to ward off any nearby predators.

BoxfishImage Credit: animalnational

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Local authorities finally addressed the issue in 2006 by building a somewhat safer bypass road, but the road of death remains a favorite to those drivers looking to take things to the limit. Don’t worry though, you’re free to take a ride for yourself and you don’t even need to update your will first. Go for a ride in the video at the end of the page (click here to jump).

Travelers navigate the narrow, dangerous Bolivian road

Yungas death roadImage Credit: wikipedia

The New Yungas Pass in background

world's most dangerous roadImage Credit: wikipedia

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