Pet Furniture Fails: 21 Dogs and Cats Having a Bad Day

Animals are curious by nature, so its only natural that they like to do some investigating of their surroundings. We’ve all seen as they patrolled our homes, searching every nook and cranny tirelessly no matter how many times they’ve done it before. But as smart as they can often prove to be, they still manage to do things sometimes that leave us simply scratching our heads. If it weren’t so darn cute maybe it would be more bothersome, but our pets seem to find ways to look cute at even the oddest of times. So with their love for exploring and their knack for doing random puzzling things combined, we bring you the funniest pet furniture fails the web has to offer.

pet furniture failImage Credit: reddit

pets having a bad day

Image Credit: catfoto

couch failImage Credit: DiepSleep

dog stuck in couchImage Credit: BaboMike

pug in dishwasherImage Credit: Jess

dog is too big for couchImage Credit: willingnesstogrow

stuck doggieImage Credit: sucedioenpolonia

weird sleeping dogImage Credit: imgur

cat trapped in chairImage Credit: Killer-owl

confused petImage Credit: catsmob

pet trapped in couchImage Credit: ashtred

dog failImage Credit: evelynnpaula

cat failImage Credit: darthnut

funny petImage Credit: imgur

dumb petsImage Credit: two2tone22

pet lolImage Credit: reddit

funny petsImage Credit: TheDhan

dumb dogsImage Credit: imgur

dumb catsImage Credit: reddit

stuck dogImage Credit: reddit

stuck catImage Credit:

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