Remarkable New Home Will Produce Net Positive Energy

A remarkable new home set to be completed next month in Norway could change the way we look at home design. The project known as ZEB Pilot House is a collaboration by architectural firm Snøhetta and the Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings. Designed to produce net positive energy, the home will serve as an example for ecologically conscious design while still maintaining a livable space.

The home’s slanted roof is angled to capture the maximum amount of solar energy possible through the panels which cover it. A gap has been left for the central courtyard, where a small garden and fruit trees are located. The outdoor swimming pool and shower are heated by excess power from the solar generators.

The home meets all the classifications to earn it ZEB-OM classification, meaning that it meets or surpasses current codes of energy use, air permeability, daylight factoring, acoustics, warmth, and indoor air quality. In addition, the net positive energy house uses materials that produce no emissions during construction and daily operation, including an electrical vehicle with a 20,000km (12,400mi) annual range.

And if that all wasn’t enough, the ZEB Pilot House will have a 100% CO2 offset. As the home enters normal everyday use, it will be continually monitored to see that it continues to meet requirements and to provide instruction and improvements for future designs. View more about Snøhetta’s pilot project on the house’s project page.

net positive energy house

zero emissions house

solar powered home

off the grid house

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