Rainbow Eucalyptus: 15 Pictures of the World’s Most Colorful Tree

It may look like something out of a fantastic dream or perhaps one very ambitious art project, but we assure you the rainbow eucalyptus is very much real and very much completely natural. Known scientifically as the Eucalyptus deglupta, the tall tree is found in New Guinea and its surrounding islands. Its distinctive coloring is caused when it shreds its bark periodically throughout the year. The revealed inner bark is bright green, which changes hue to blue, purple, orange, and finally maroon tones as it matures. The tree is valued for both ornamental reasons as well as for its pulp. Enjoy the pictures, and be sure to check out the video about the tree at the end of the page!


Rainbow Eucalyptus

Image Credit: amusingplanet


colorful tree

Image Credit: cuipo


eucalyptus tree

Image Credit: Christopher Martin


Rainbow tree

Image Credit: Amanda Pape


pictures of eucalyptus

Image Credit: tree-nation


tree photos

Image Credit: Roberto Verzo


colorful forest

Image Credit: dingtwist


colored bark

Image Credit: amusingplanet


bright colors tree

Image Credit: tree-nation


colored tree

Image Credit: Christopher Martin


tree with colored bark

Image Credit: Christopher Martin


rainbow bark

Image Credit: amusingplanet


tree color

Image Credit: Internet Age Traveler


different colors

Image Credit: dingtwist


eucalyptus bark

Image Credit: Allpe

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