See the World Through the Eyes of an Eagle in this Amazing Video! You Will Not Believe How Peaceful Flight Is.

When asked what super power they could have if given the opportunity, there are some common answers: blazing speed, mind reading, invisibility (what exactly are these people planning?), and of course FLIGHT! No bird seems to embody the beauty of flight quite like an eagle, after all we do have the expression “soar like an eagle” thanks to them. It’s been a bit since I’ve heard anyone aspire to soar like a pigeon but your mileage may vary.

What follows are some great pictures and video of an eagle who has been kind enough to allow us to tag along on a flight. Thanks to a very small attached video camera, you’ll see things just as the eagle does! The beauty and peacefulness is just remarkable.

eagle-1Image Credit: youtube


Image Credit: youtube

eagle-3Image Credit: youtube

eagle-4Image Credit: youtube