New Street Murals from the Etam Cru

We’re happy to bring you some brilliant new street murals from two of our favorite street artists, Sainer and Bezt of the Etam Cru. The first is an incredible piece done on the broadside of a building in Montreal by Bezt, who was in town for the Mural Festival. His unique style and depth are evident right away, with the scene blending into its urban surroundings perfectly. The second piece was a collaboration, with both Sainer and Bezt their unique talents. The duo produced a fantastic piece of a young boy for the Urban Samtidskunst in Oslo, Norway. Turning such a simple scene into something so eye catching is incredibly impressive. Keep up with their latest on their Facebook page.

Source: Street Art News

Montreal piece by Bezt

Bezt art


Part of Mural Festival

Urban artwork

Collaboration in Oslo, Norway

Street murals

Etam Cru

Sainer and Bezt

Building art from Urban Samtidskunst

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