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City of Source – Hidden in the desert of ABU DHABI

What’s happening in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s desert in United Arab Emirates? A whole new city in the form of a cube is emerging built on the principle of sustainability. Masdar city, which in Arabic means source, will be finished by 2025 and will be completely powered on renewable energy.
masdar_neighbourhood_development_1-minAlthough United Arab Emirates is considered to be built on oil and gas, there was recently an initiative to find new sustainable ways for producing energy. The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, located in the core of the city, is doing in situ pilot projects so that the guidelines behind the WWF would be applied to the development of Masdar. The aim is to create a zero-carbon and zero-waste environment. A lot is invested in equipment like solar panels and concentrated solar power systems to produce thermal energy.  hujdnu
egs5The whole city plan rethinks approaches to sustainable architecture and urbanism. Behind the design of the city is the British architectural firm Foster and Partners and its urbanism plan which is incorporating principles of traditional Arab architecture. Solar radiation in the streets is minimized by narrowing them which provides a lot of shade, while natural ventilation is regulated by traditional architectural elements- wind towers. Accordingly average temperature in the streets are 15 to 20 °C (27 to 36 °F) cooler than the surrounding desert. Fasades are mostly made of terracotta decorated with arabesque patterns or covered with solar panels.
q23limage_5-minTo cut emissions, public transportation within the city will rely on electric vehicles and other clean-energy vehicles, among which is a personal rapid transit (PRT) systems. Also, Masdar city is planed to be friendly to pedestrians and cyclist. There are still some problems to be solved, as blowing sand can stick on solar panels, and a more effective water management system. Still this visionary plan is an impressive example of sustainable building. prt_1280__popup

Google Enlists Camel to Film Desert Street View

Google Street View has been known for its odd, funny little quirks before — mainly in the form of bizarre things accidentally caught by their cameras. Their newest however, while still odd, is actually quite interesting. They’ve enlisted the help of a camel to film shots of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Desert.

While the area features no drivable roads or even pathways, the project does provide a neat way for students and interested observers to get a look at the faraway destination. Now we all may experience the Liwa’s seemingly endless rolling dunes, experiencing the harsh desert’s beauty from the comfort of our own homes.

Take a peek at the filming of the desert street view in the video below, then head to Street View where you can go exploring on your own.

desert street view

Google hires camel

Liwa Desert

camel films desert

Google camel

via Google Arabia, Design Boom


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