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Diet Coke Creates Two Million (Yes, Million) Unique Bottle Designs

So much for Coke creating 250 “unique” designs with their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary campaign has taken things one step further — and then some — by printing two million totally different bottle designs.

Launched by Coca-Cola Israel (CCI), everything was made possible using a special algorithm in the printing process which auto-generated the unique designs with no need for human intervention. Keeping with the theme, CCI even made sure that every billboard promoting the campaign was a completely new, fresh design as well.

While the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign was a nice idea, it’s implementation wasn’t particularly difficult, using 250 pre-chosen names compared to CCI’s 2,000,000 actually unique designs. We’d say their Diet brethren have them beaten on all fronts here. Find out more about the campaign in the video below.

Diet Coke

unique designs

bottle art


two million

via Ad Week, PSFK


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Fun Series of Oktoberfest Ads in Calgary

Calgary-based ad agency WAX created this series of Oktoberfest ads to promote festivities at local German restaurant WURST. The ads feature a series of large beer stein posters which are wrapped around poles around the city.

Featuring real-looking handles, the beer ads have sparked a trend online of people in the city posing with the posters pretending to hold the mugs, providing plenty of free publicity for the restaurant. Details about their upcoming festivities appear at the bottom of each poster.

Take a look at the creative Oktoberfest ads below.

Oktoberfest ads

German restaurant Calgary

beer ads

beer stein posters

via Design Taxi


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Interactive Pictionary Mall Ad Invites Passersby to Play Along

Recent visitors to a Toronto shopping mall were in for a surprise. Ad agency TrojanOne, as part of Mattel’s “anytime is game time” campaign, turned a boring mall ad into an interactive Pictionary game.

As passersby went about their shopping, a man in the ad held up a game board imploring people to play with him. Most ignored it until one boy responded, and the game was on! From there, dozens more competed with a large crowd gathering to watch.

Those who won the mall Pictionary game received prizes from Mattel ranging from game boards to a giant teddy bear. Watch as people play the game in the video below!

Pictionary ad

Mattel mall game

Pictionary in mall

interactive mall ad

mall game video

Pictionary mall video

via Mattel Games, Design Taxi

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